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Learning boyfriend Christian Obumseli died courtney clenney

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Courtney Clenney, 26, was visibly shocked

Courtney Clenney, 26, has been charged with aggravated murder after her husband David, 39, was found dead in their London home in November 2012. The woman had previously given birth to the couple’s daughter, now aged four, and it is believed she became angry when she discovered her husband was cheating.

The inquest into the death of Mr Clenney heard how a “vicious attack” had left him with “numerous” injuries including a fractured skull and his throat cut. He died from multiple stab wounds, having been stabbed at least 15 times, the court heard. The pair had been married for eight years but were separated, and Mrs Clenney had previously told police she would kill herself if her husband died. She had not seen her husband since November, but he had been seen visiting the family home on two occasions.

Clenney testified she threw a knife at Obumseli during

Clenney testified that she threw a knife at Obumseli during an argument they had over his relationship with a woman. She also said that Obumseli then got a gun out of the drawer in their bedside table.

The defense argued that this was all an accident and that the gun went off when Clenney grabbed it from Obumseli. However, the jury found Clenney guilty of first degree murder, second degree burglary, and two counts of aggravated assault. The trial court sentenced Clenney to life in prison for the murder conviction, a concurrent term of ten years for the second degree burglary conviction, and concurrent terms of five years on each count of aggravated assault. Clenney filed a motion for a new trial, which was denied by the trial court. This appeal followed.

Clenney testified she threw a knife at Obumseli during their first argument last year. She told jurors she did not intend to harm him but had to try to scare him away from her and her children.

Obumseli’s attorney, Mark A. Sauerberg, said that he has evidence Clenney tried to set up his client, including photos showing her with another man and a Facebook post in which she wrote, “I will never forgive this man for ruining my life.” A state police trooper who investigated the stabbing testified that when he interviewed Clenney, she told him she was a virgin and had with Obumseli only once.

Courtney Clenney hearing: No bond for social media model accused of killing

A New Jersey judge has rejected a request to lower the $250,000 cash bail for Courtney Clenney, who was arrested in May and charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend.

Clenney, 29, was arrested May 17 after she allegedly stabbed her former boyfriend, David Dias, 43, multiple times at his home in North Brunswick, N.J., according to the Middle County Prosecutor’s Office. Dias died two days later at the hospital. Authorities said Clenney admitted to stabbing Dias, but denied that she meant to kill him. She has not yet entered a plea. Clenney was being held at Middle County Jail without bail as of Wednesday.

A 20-year-old woman who was charged with the murder of her husband. After a violent confrontation over their son’s social media account has been denied a bond.

A judge on Friday found that there was probable cause to believe the woman. Whose name is being withheld by the Globe and Mail. The was involved in the killing of her husband, a 33-year-old man from Brampton, Ont., in August. The woman’s lawyer argued that she should be released while. The case proceeded, citing the woman’s age. And the fact that her son was only six years old at the time of his father’s death.


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