5 Worthwhile Tips for Creating a Sustainable Workplace

Creating a sustainable workplace is about making your office run efficiently and sustainably. That means
a reduced carbon footprint, less waste, and a greater sense of ownership over your company. Like most
businesses, you're probably doing at least one thing to be more sustainable. Maybe you're using LED
light bulbs, or recycling used coffee grounds. But how can you use sustainability to make your workplace
more efficient? What are the biggest ways to reduce waste and improve your business's productivity?
This blog is a guide to sustainable business practices.

Use eco-friendly lighting options with plenty of natural light

Having ample natural light in the office is obviously the best way to make your workplace
environmentally friendly. Not only that, but natural light also makes you happier, causing your body to
produce endorphins, which improve your mood and your overall health.
Natural light is an energy-saving, cost-effective choice for lighting. Natural light from windows reduces
the need for electric lights and uses less energy. Plus, it makes employees feel better and more at ease.
Changing your office lighting to be more eco-friendly may seem like a hassle, but it will save you money
in the long run. Choosing the latest LED lights for your office can help you save on energy and the Earth.

Implement a timeless design

Creating a sustainable workplace is a big step for any company. A sustainable workplace needs to focus
on the environment and the people who will be working in the building. Creating a sustainable
workplace can be done by implementing a timeless design. This design will help the workplace evolve
without changing the layout as often. A timeless design will also help the building to have a unique, one-
of-a-kind feel that will attract and retain employees.

Make it a culture

Making things into a culture is one of the best ways to ensure people are going to stick to it. It's not
something that you can just write down on a single post and expect it to be used for the rest of the
company's existence. It's a process that needs to be in place from the start. If you're starting a new
company, you need to make sure that the way your employees practice sustainability will be used for
years to come. It's something that needs to be constantly reinforced, and the process of reinforcing it
needs to be built into the company culture. If you have an existing company and are worried about
changing the culture, know that it's not something you can do overnight. It will take a lot of effort on the
company's part to ensure that everyone is getting along and working towards the same goals. It's
something that's going to take a lot of effort and time, especially if your company is a large one.

Add more plants and landscaping to the outdoors

Most workplaces are full of cubicles and office buildings. Many of which have hardly any nature around
them. But adding plants to your outdoor areas and landscaping can have a major impact on your
workers and their productivity. Adding more plants to your outdoor areas can actually increase your
workers' productivity by up to 15%. That's because there is a link between the number of natural and
green spaces in a city and its productivity. Allistair McCaw, the chief executive of the Royal Botanic
Gardens Edinburgh, says that green spaces are vital to a city's health. "As well as being beautiful, they
improve air and water quality, reduce flooding and provide habitats for wildlife," he says. "Green spaces
can also help us to relax and recover from the stresses of modern life."

Go paperless

Paper is one of the most widely used items in our world, but it is also one of the most widely wasted
items. Just think about all the papers you have thrown away in your life. Now think about all the times
you have faced a pile of papers that must be read and organized. I'm sure you don't want to waste your
time doing that, so stop wasting trees and go paperless. Scan all your papers, convert them into PDFs for
reliability using a free pdf editor and store them on your computer or in the cloud. If you absolutely
need to have paper copies, print on both sides.
Going paperless has become a popular trend in the business world. It's helpful to the environment, but
it can also save you money. Not having to print paper documents can save you the cost of paper and
toner, but it can also save you on the expense of recycling paper. If you're already paperless, consider

taking your business a step further and going digital. Taking digital notes and storing them in the cloud is
a great way to make sure that you have access to your notes, no matter where you are or what device
you're using.

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