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AccessiBe Talks About Certain Important Aspects of Making a Website More Accessible

Made more accessible to people with disabilities

The term accessibility implies to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for individuals with disabilities.  Consequently, web accessibility is the process to ensure that each and every person, including the ones with disabilities has access to the web and internet as a whole. AccessiBe is an Israeli technology company that is working towards solving the problem of web accessibility through AI. Their vision is to make the entire internet accessible by 2025 so that everyone, no matter whether they have disabilities or not, can enjoy what it has to offer.

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Web accessibility through AI working towards solving:

The web and the internet as a whole is an increasingly important resource in variety of aspects of modern life, including education, employment, government and so on. Hence, it becomes important for the web to be accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and opportunity to individuals with disabilities. An accessible web can aid people with disabilities to take part in society more actively.  Here are some of the ways that can help in improving the accessibility aspect of a website:

AccessiBe The use of Alt-tags: The usage of alt-tag or alternative (alt) html is basically do to describe an image.  Even if a person is using a visual tool that hides their HTML code to build a website, they will always get a chance to enter an image description.  While the (alt=” “) can be empty, it shall be always smarter to provide a helpful description for screen readers. Considering the website visitors were blind, one must need to dwell on the fact that what would they need to know about the image.  Just having ‘woman’ as a description is not much of a help, but ‘woman drawing design flow chart including accessibility, usability and design’ with the use of screen readers can be a much smarter choice.

Developers building for the web  accessibility

Use better tables: One need to add captions to their tables with the usage of the caption tag for the purpose of making it easier to understand by screen readers, rather than simply making the title of a table in bold text. It will be good to add the “scope” element and subsequently label new columns and rows to the table properly, so that the screen readers do not just rattle off a series of table cells without giving much of a context.

Keyboard navigation: Anything that is put on a website should be something that one could conceivably carry out with just a keyboard. This means that one should not mess much with their navigation buttons.  For example, they should not animate navigation buttons as dropdown buttons if they can’t be used with a screen reader.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WIP) navigation buttons

The rise of AI has allowed companies like to solve issues associated with web accessibility using a product rather than a service, thereby enabling them to make compliance in-reach for every business and drive a real accessibility revolution. Members of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WIP) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are the ones who strive to enforce guidelines across the internet that supports web accessibility.

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