Why Telehealth Is The Best Choice For You

It has never been more crucial to adapt and change the way we help participants through NDIS services in Sydney.

Although in-person treatments have traditionally predominated, the advent of telehealth has resulted in more effective services and participants are at the forefront of their healthcare decisions.

There is a misperception that telehealth does not provide the same level of care, thus patients prefer in-person care. Both services provide great Allied Health care for people with disabilities, however some people’s current needs might be better met via telehealth.

Both telehealth and face-to-face services can produce favourable results, yet in other cases telehealth may be more appropriate for a client. The National Disability Insurance Agency and The University of Melbourne recently conducted a study, and the results showed that 63% of the 2391 participants were successful in receiving support and switching their NDIS services in Sydney to telehealth. Additionally, 31-33% of respondents said they were likely to prefer to employ such services following the epidemic and 11-13% thought virtually delivered consultations were superior to in-person consultations.

This raises the question of when using telehealth to access NDIS therapeutic services is preferable.

3 Reasons Telehealth is the Better Choice

  1. Flexibility

The versatility of tele health is a major advantage. The participant can get care in the comfort of their own home according to a timetable that the physician and participant agree upon. Additionally, attending appointments is easier and might satisfy participant needs because there is no need for travel.

  1. Accessibility 

While availing NDIS services in Sydney, participants face a number of obstacles while trying to access services. With telehealth, there is less need for travel, spending, and time away from home because services may be accessible by phone or internet. Telehealth eliminates the need for caregivers to hire a support person to schedule appointments or take time off from work and school.

  1. Additional Resources 

As physicians can pre-record methods to be customised for each participant, telehealth is a terrific approach to gain access to additional resources and get the most out of therapy. This guarantees that participants don’t miss out on anything, that services are always available, and that the participant may control their own schedule.

Although there is no travel involved, telehealth is priced at the same hourly rate as the NDIS price guide. As a result, scheduled hours and funds can be used more effectively for the services because there are no travel expenses.


Particularly when participants appreciate computers and technology, some participants perform better online than in person. Accessing therapeutic services through Telehealth may offer safety.

For those who want their NDIS services in Sydney offered in a form that is more adaptable, accessible, and secure, telehealth is an excellent option.

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