Best Medical Practice Loans for Physicians in India

The costs involved in setting up a clinic are not a concern for doctors who wish to open their own. To obtain a loan for their new clinic, they simply need to reach out to their bank and request a doctors’ loan. Medical professionals need not worry about finance as long as they are certified.

There are special medical practice loan programs designed specifically for doctors. We feature a variety of personal loans for doctors from a multitude of banks and non-bank lenders. Listed below are some examples.

Business loan for doctors

A medical practice loan can be your ally if you are trying to finance your practice. If you need more than Rs. 42 lakh, you can borrow this amount. Your financial situation will determine whether you can repay this unsecured loan within 12 to 96 months. Besides, you will also be able to enjoy features like minimal documentation, which requires only KYC documents, registration certificates, and other financial documents.

A collateral-free physician loan is now available that allows you to take a loan of up to Rs 42 lakh as a loan and pay a nominal interest rate. Such easy-access funding could help you run a new clinic, purchase clinical management software, or meet working capital needs easily. As well as offering flexible payment terms of up to 96 months, it offers you convenience.


  • Disbursement within 24 hours – Once you get your application approved, you can obtain a loan for doctors without delay.
  • 96-month repayment term – Repay your loan over eight years.
  • Zero collateral and minimal paperwork – To be approved for an unsecured loan, you need to submit your KYC and income documents.

Loan against property for doctors

For doctors who need high medical practice loan amounts, a loan against property can offer you up to Rs. 2 crores over 144 months. It is a secured loan, and you must submit real estate documents (commercial/residential) to receive funds. Physician loans like this can be used to purchase a new home, pay off a lease or a rent discount, or make other large purchases such as establishing a new clinic.

You can claim an amount based on the type of property you own and the prevailing value of the property. The advantage of this loan is that, as with a home loan, you can use value-added features such as Property Search services and property dossier sources.


  • Loans for all your needs – You can fund your clinic expansion to your child’s higher education with a high sanction of funding if you apply.
  • Flexi payment facility for reducing your EMI by up to 45% – With Flexi, you can pay only interest, so so you will halve your EMI amount.

Term loan or Flexi loan Facility 

You can choose to take either a term loan or a flex loan from the loans mentioned here. Flexible loans have several benefits, including the option to borrow from the total loan amount in installments, depending on when you need the funds. You may use the remaining loan amount for future purposes.

In addition to paying interest only, you must return the principal at the end of the term. Therefore, you pay only interest and do not have to make a new application each time you need funding. When you lower your interest obligations through this flexible loan option, you increase the chances of saving a bigger part of your income.

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