How to Choose a Heritage Fencing Company

Introduction: Heritage Fencing and its Effect on the American Culture

Heritage fencing is a type of fencing that has been used for over four hundred years. It is typically made from wood, and the design has changed very little since its introduction.

The use of the sport in America is still not as prevalent as it should be, but it is slowly gaining momentum. It has become popular among those who are looking to get into the sport without breaking their bank account.

The American culture is slowly adapting to this new trend and with each passing day, heritage fencing becomes more and more accepted.

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The Economics of Heritage Fencing:

Heritage fencing is a type of fencing that was built using traditional materials. It is often constructed with wood, stone, and metal. There are many benefits to using this type of fencing and it can also be used as an architectural feature. The cost of heritage fencing varies depending on the materials used. Wood is usually the most expensive material because it needs to be treated before it can be used as a fence. Stone, metal, and concrete can also be used and these materials tend to cost less than wood.

Heritage Fencing is Not Without Danger:

We all know that there are risks involved in our daily activities. But with the introduction of technology and the Internet, it has become even more difficult to stay safe. In order to mitigate these risks, heritage fencing is not without danger. We need to be aware of the safety risks and take precautions accordingly. 

There are many risks associated with the use of heritage fencing, some of which are:- 

  • Crushed by a passing vehicle.
  • Climbing up the fence to avoid detection by someone on the other side
  • Failing to maintain proper footing on the ladder, and falling off 
  • Having an accident with a workman or the loads being dropped
  • A fire or flood damage these old fences 

In order to mitigate this risk, if you are using heritage fencing you must always- Always be attentive when climbing and inspecting the fence- 

  • Use a ladder of appropriate height and weight
  • Keep your footing on the ladder securely 
  • Keep your loads securely
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and water available in case of any fires or floods.

A Brief History of the American Heritage Fence Industry:

The American Heritage Fence Company is a company that was founded in 1852. They are the oldest fence company in America and have been providing services for over 150 years. The company started out as a small wooden-fence business but soon grew into a large-scale business. They were one of the first companies to use barbed wire, which revolutionized the industry. and created contemporary business. 

Their company slogan is “The American Heritage.” The first use of the term was in a letter written by Colonel William H Fitch to Edwin L. Drake, an investor in his fence company, on December 7, 1852.

 In this letter, Colonel Fitch wrote: “I would suggest that we advertise our new invention as ‘The American Heritage Fence,’ as it is the kind of fence that will last forever, and while others may quickly succumb to changes in style, we shall rise superior.”1852

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