Wordle Today: Everything you need to know

Wordle is the easy internet game that has swept the globe. Here’s how to play Wordle today if you haven’t played.

What exactly is Wordle? Where have you been for the previous five months? It is a viral gaming sensation that emerged out of nowhere at the start of 2022 to become the most popular new word game globally.

On Twitter, individuals share the distinctive grid of yellow and green squares that represents today’s Wordle answer and their success (or lack thereof) in guessing it.

But how is Wordle today played?

What are the regulations for Wordle?

How do you succeed at Wordle today?

What is a “beginning word”?

And whence did all these Wordle substitutes and clones originate?



Wordle is a simple game to play, but it has many characteristics apart from its competitors. These include:

You are limited to one puzzle per day.

Everyone solves the identical puzzle.

Publishing your game on social media without revealing the solution is simple.

Here are a few additional details about the game’s fundamentals.

The goal

You have six guesses to determine a five-letter word. Each time you guess, you are informed which of your selected letters are present in the goal word and whether they are in the correct position. And that is all.

Where To Play Wordle Today

Wordle today as with every other day, is available on the New York Times Games website. There are no applications; thus, anything that claims to be one is a forgery.

It was initially hosted on the Wordle website, which was developed by founder Josh Wardle but was relocated in early February after the NYT acquired Wordle. Some believe that Wordle has become more difficult since the New York Times took over, but this is not the case. It is still (now) free to play and ad-free, as it was initially.

When to Play

Wordle may only be used once per day. In other words, no three-hour Wordle sessions while you’re meant to be working. Each day, the game restarts at midnight, so if you’re truly determined, you can finish it when everyone else is asleep.

Social Media Influence on Wordle Today?

One of the major reasons for Wordle’s success is that it has been encouraged by social media sharing, yet in a way that does not spoil the puzzle for those who have not yet completed it.

When you click the Share button, you are presented with a grid of yellow and green squares that indicate the path you followed without disclosing the actual text. This facilitates posting on Twitter and other social media platforms without revealing the game.

Because everyone plays the same problem, it is simple for individuals to compare their answers to others, whether they are strangers on Twitter or friends in a WhatsApp group.

It is very popular on Twitter, with numerous hashtags and search phrases emerging around it and often trending. You will frequently see ‘Wordle 312’ or something similar trending, where ‘312’ is the game number. And on a difficult day, you will receive ‘Wordle 312 X,’ where the ‘X’ indicates that people have failed it.

How do Wordle streaks work?

The difficulty of the daily puzzle is what attracts people to Wordle, but streaks keep them coming back. Wordle maintains track of the number of games you’ve played and the number of consecutive wins; this is your streak.

Since January, many people have started playing, and it is now usual for players to have approximately 100 consecutive wins. Keep in mind that if you miss a game, your streak will end. In addition, your streak is only tracked on one device, so if you normally play on your phone but move to your laptop for a day, your phone streak will be reset, and your laptop streak will begin at 1. This has thrown me off numerous times.

What is Wordle’s difficult mode?

Wordle doesn’t have many features, but it does contain a dark option and a difficult mode. The hard level requires you to play any correct letters on successive guesses.

If you have a green S at the beginning, you must continue to play S in the beginning. And if there is a yellow R in the word, all future guesses must also contain an R.

What exactly is WordleBot?

WordleBot is a great tool created by the New York Times. It analyzes each game you play and provides feedback on what you may have done differently and how your performance compares to the average. You can access it for free at The Upshot’s website.

Who designed Wordle?

Wordle was built by the developer Josh Wardle, who was also behind the Reddit projects The Button and Place. These were similarly clever — and stunningly simple — studies in internet behavior.

When did Wordle start?

Wardle invented Wordle in 2013, but it remained dormant until lockdown when he revived it for his puzzle-obsessed partner. Released into the wild in October 2021, its popularity skyrocketed in January 2022.

What Are The Rules Of Wordle?

Wordle is such a straightforward game that there are few rules. But here it is:

You must guess the Wordle in no more than six attempts.

Every entered word must be in the word list. This list contains more than 10,000 words, but only 2,309 (at the time of writing) are puzzle solutions.

Correct letters get green.

A proper letter placed incorrectly turns yellow.

A misspelled letter becomes gray

Letters can be used multiple times.

Answers never contain plurals.

You must demonstrate your intelligence by sharing your completed Wordle*

How to Play and Win Wordle Today

You’ll want to select one of the best Wordle start words, as getting this step right can significantly impact your game. This topic has been the subject of reams of analysis, so consult this article for the fundamental theory.

Your start word for or any other day, should contain as many common Wordle letters as feasible, including at least two vowels. Therefore, while AZYGY may be a wise word and a good Scrabble choice, it is not the greatest option.

I always began with TEARS, as it has an ‘A’ and an ‘E’ and three common consonants in sensible places.

But I’ve upgraded to STARE; similar letters, but words beginning with S are much more common than ones ending with one, at least according to Wordle, so it’s a better starting point.

  1. Press the enter key. You will notice which letters are totally accurate or partially correct, i.e., they are in the target word but in the incorrect position. In this example game, #200 from January, I got lucky; ‘T’ was immediately correct, and both ‘E’ and ‘R’ were present in the solution.

Next, you’ll need to consider another term with all of the letters you’ve already identified as right.

There may be multiple instances of a letter in a word. Still, unless you have a very solid reason to believe you know what the word is, I would limit each letter to a single input at this time.

Use other common letters at this level; nevertheless, avoid Qs, Zs, Xs, and even Ks, Hs, Js, etc. Stick on the low-value letters in Scrabble, and you’ll do well. If you want more detailed advice, consult an analysis of every Wordle response, in which subjects such as which letters are most prevalent in Wordle, where certain letters are more likely to appear in a word, and which combinations are most common are discussed.

TRIED was formed by adding the letters ‘D’ and ‘I’ to the letters ‘T,’ ‘E,’ and ‘R’ that I already knew to be in the word.

The letter ‘E’ was now confirmed to be in the correct location, and the letter ‘I’ was also confirmed to be present. Using yet another popular letter, ‘M,’ I then attempted TIMER.

Not quite right, but close. With only a few remaining options, I chose TIGER…

And correct in 4 out of 6 movements, which seems to be average.

Why Does Worlde Sometimes Have Two Answers?

Infrequently, Wordle confuses many players by providing two different Wordle solutions, meaning that a subset of users get one solution while the others receive another. This is not a deliberate action. However, it is aggravating.

The issue arises due to the way Wordle was constructed. The game is browser-based, and the word list that determines what you see on any given day is included in the website’s source code. The order in which each puzzle appears depends on your device’s date. Theoretically, you could set your computer’s clock to tomorrow and complete tomorrow’s puzzle a day in advance. (But you shouldn’t do that.)

As a result, when the New York Times modifies or eliminates a word — as it has done on multiple occasions, those utilizing an older word list will receive a different response than everyone else. If you haven’t refreshed your browser in a while, you will see an old list, but many people do so.

Wordle Copycats

Yes, Worlde today now has several copycats or clones; there has been a Cambrian-like boom of Wordle clones during the past few months.

We’ve included our favorites in our article on the greatest Wordle replacements and clones. Still, we’re also big fans of Quordle, Squabble, Waffle, and Hurdle. Quordle allows you to play four games at once, Squabble allows you to play against others online, and Waffle mixes Wordle with a crossword (which makes you play five games in a row).

Want more? You may also try Worldle (a geography-based clone), Heardle (Wordle but with music), Framed (Wordle but with movies), or Redactle (in which you have to uncover a redacted Wikipedia page). You will not be at a loss for activities to engage in while you await the next Wordle problem.

Why Is Wordle So Addictive?

Wordle is comparable to several word games accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Still, it has a refreshing attitude toward you, your time, and your money.

I play quite a few word games. Most are destroyed by excessive advertisements and continuous pleas (if not outright threats) to spend money on in-app purchases. Without lives? Keep playing! This additional opportunity to win can be purchased for just £2.99. Oh, horrible luck! Have no fear; you get this free sticker!

However, Wordle is not like that. It has no interest in making money from you, nor does it want you to play for hours.

There is another refreshing aspect to it. Binge-culture is extremely real, and I, like the majority of people, often finish a Netflix show or a video game in one or two days, usually when I should be sleeping. That is not possible with Wordle: one problem per day is so small, but it ensures that the game is always fresh.

The relocation to the New York Times has caused some individuals to fear that it would lose its unique qualities, but these fears appear to be unjustified so far.

Will I still be playing Wordle a year from now? Maybe not, but I’m certainly not yet satisfied.

Can You Cheat At Wordle?

Yes, you can. Obviously, you should not do so.

Suppose you want to deceive yourself and your unfortunate social media pals. In that case, you may easily launch Wordle in an incognito browser window, make as many guesses as necessary to complete it, and then return to the signed-in window to input the correct word. You might also look for the answer to Wordle today and pass it off as your own.


We hope you enjoyed reading this and have all the information you need to start playing and sharing this amazing new word search game. Do you think you can win the wordle? There’s just one way to find out. Play Wordle today!

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