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GIA Certified Diamonds: Factors to Consider Before Buying

When buying diamonds considering a lot of things is important since diamonds are expensive and they are precious gems. Therefore getting the best deals should be your goal can be a good option since they are more affordable and still have a high quality. As a buyer getting familiar with the details of the diamonds you want to buy can make your shopping easier and more convenient. 

What Are GIA Certified Diamonds?

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America; they are a nonprofit organization that evaluates diamonds and issues certificates to prove the authenticity of the diamonds being sold in the market. GIA-certified diamonds are best buys since you are assured that the diamond you bought has indeed your money’s worth. In the certificate the property of your diamond is detailed and this can be used when you resell your diamonds. 

How Do The GIA Grade Diamonds?

Initially Testing the Diamonds

All diamonds that are submitted for evaluation are tested using an instrument to determine if the material is natural or not. Diamonds that need further testing will undergo more to determine their kind. 

Grading the Color of Diamonds 

The color of the diamond can be affected by lighting and its background that’s why to determine the exact color of the diamond GIA uses a standardized viewing environment. Color grader then submits their independent opinion to the system. With sufficient agreeing opinion, the color of the diamond is then determined. 

Grading the Clarity and Finish of a Diamond 

Under 10X magnification the diamond is viewed under a standardized viewing environment, it is checked by the preliminary grader for any evidence of any treatment and also locates the clarity characteristics. A database of hundreds of digitally stored diagrams is used to plot the opinion given by the grade regarding the clarity, symmetry, and polish. After which the diamond is subjected to assurance process steps, this will depend on its weight, quality, and agreement of opinions.

Grading the Cut of a Diamond

For grading the cut the measurements, facet angles, polish and symmetry descriptions of a diamond are checked. 

Grading Weight and Measures of a Diamond 

An electronic micro-balance is used to determine the weight of the diamond up to eight decimal places. While an optical measuring device is used to measure their measurements, proportions, and facet angles

What Is The Difference Between A “GIA Certified Diamond” And A Regular Diamond?

GIA-certified diamond are those that are evaluated ad are given certification while regular diamond are those that are not certified by legit diamond laboratories and their quality gradings are often guessed by the seller. The advantage of getting GIA-certified diamond is that you can be assured of the authenticity of the diamond you are buying. 

Where Can You Find GIA Certified Diamonds Wholesale?

  • Wholesale diamond stores offer GIA-certified diamonds since they cater to a wide market they want to make sure that their buyers will have no doubt about their purchase, especially those who buy in bulk. More buyers also prefer diamond that are certified since this can appraise the value of their diamond. 
  • Online diamond stores also sell GIA-certified diamond since transactions are done. Online selling certified diamonds can assure people that their diamond are legit. 

Advantages of Opting for GIA Certified Diamonds Wholesale

  • They have undergone tests that can prove their authenticity. GIA-certified diamonds are graded by expert’s gemologist. And they have been doing this for a long time and they have a system to follow. 
  • They have a certification that can support their grading report. In the certificate, the details of the diamond are specified which makes. It easier for the owner to determine the quality grade of their diamond.
  • They are more affordable compared with diamond bought in retail stores. Since you will be buying them from wholesale stores. The price can be cheaper by up to 60% compared with retail stores. 
  • They are of high quality since they have been graded well by the reputable diamond evaluator. The Gemological Institute of America is the top known diamond evaluator in the world. 

Opting for GIA-certified wholesale diamond can be the best choice when buying diamonds since. They have a lot of advantages and they can satisfy your purchase.

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