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Things to remember when cleaning a fabric sofa

Tips for cleaning a Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas are beautiful and elegant but their cleaning and maintenance fabric couch cleaning Adelaide can be a real challenge. The regular deterioration and wearing off happens due to daily usage, improper usage, simply because of your pet jumping up and down on it. These innocuous-looking activities create a damaging impact on the fabric of sofas.

Even if your house is clean and systematized, the grease and filth from the body sooner or later get under the fabric. Also, make your favourite fabric sofa smell and look unpleasant in no time. Read ahead to know and remember a few things when you are getting acquainted with couch and sofa cleaning. Alternatively, you always have the option to opt for fabric couch cleaning Adelaide from your nearest upholstery cleaning company.

Checking your Sofa’s Cleaning Codes is Important

Before you give sofa cleaning a go, you need to definitely look out for your sofa’s cleaning label. Each couch comes with the manufacturer’s label that contains important information on how and what products would be suitable to clean your fabric couch. Your fabric sofa maybe made up of different natural and artificial textile fabrics and hence all of them need to be cleaned with a specific set of cleaning instructions.

One thing, in particular, to bear in mind is to check and always remember if water suits your couch’s fabric or not. Some fabrics will in fact get stained badly if water is used for washing or cleaning them. W means Water is suitable to be used for cleaning your couch and it would not leave staining. X means the material should be vacuumed. No water should be used to clean it. WS means mild and dry-cleaning solvents can be used in combination with a steam vacuum. S means dry-cleaning solvents are safe to be used as a cleaning agent.

Conduct Regular Cleanings

Regular sofa cleaning is the simplest way to evade professional deep cleaning. Cleaning your sofa at least once a week is essential for that. While cleaning removes any hair, food scraps, or any objects that may have, entered the couch’s crevices.

Add warm water and liquid detergent to use for the cleaning of sofa surfaces. If your house is in an area that has the clammy climate, you can dry the sofa with a small box fan that will dry the couch in a matter of a few hours. Excess humidity can sometimes cause mould and fungal growth which would rot the sofa and make it useless if not treated in time.

Cushion Cleaning

Another cleaning hack to identify when learning how to clean a fabric couch at home on a frequent basis is devoting attention to the sofa cushions as well. If your sofa’s cushions have detachable covers, then well and good as it would be easier to remove them and place them in the washing machine. Or else, you can use the cleaning method by taking out your cushions, placing them in the open, and pounding them with hand. The UV rays in the sun in fact are helpful in sanitizing fabrics, so this method may be definitely necessary if someone in your home has fallen ill.

You can, alternatively also turn your cushions over the other side so that the other side also can be used. This tactic also reduces the ramshackle look some cushions unavoidably acquire over time.

Use a Good-quality Vacuum

When making a foolproof plan for cleaning your fabric couch, you should definitely have a reliable vacuum cleaner at hand. Vacuums are convenient products that can be used to execute any cleaning method you decide to use for fabric sofa cleaning Adelaide. Stuck food scraps or mud or any stuck usable items can be easily removed with a vacuum and thereafter can be cleaned with either solvents or only water depending on your fabric. Water can clean out the fabric more efficiently after the sofa has been vacuumed properly. Likewise, if you have baking soda you will still need a vacuum to pull out the baking soda when the cleaning is done.

 Buy Some Baking Soda fabric couch cleaning Adelaide

The baking soda is the most underrated easily available domestic cleaning ingredient. Using baking soda also makes cleaning fabric couches and sofas much easier. It is also safe for the majority of the fabrics as it also helps attached dirt come loose off your couch for vacuuming.

To be on the safer side, spot test some backing soda on a discreet patch on the sofa. If your fabric does react it means the baking soda is unfavourable to be used for the cleaning. That you can easily spot with the patch test. Once this patch test has been done properly, try peppering baking soda onto your sofa’s exterior and let it remain for 30 minutes. However, remember not to use too much baking soda. Then vacuum the sofa to take out the baking soda alongside the dirt!

Invest in a Steam Cleaner fabric couch cleaning Adelaide

Steam is an effective cleaning method for sofas and couches. You can consider buying a steam cleaner to be used for cleaning your fabric couch. Steam when used with a vacuum is highly beneficial for slackening dirt is a great cleaning tool for your sofa. If doing the steam cleaning at home, check your couch’s manufacturer label for information on what can be used for cleaning your sofa. Alternatively, you can also invest in sofa steam cleaning services for proper maintenance and upkeep of the sofa.

Opting for professional sofa cleaning services is always beneficial for getting better cleaning outcomes. This goes a long way in safeguarding the fabric of the sofa and also extending its lifespan considerably. Not to mention, you are also saved from any damage that can occur if and when you use DIY methods removed from the internet in place of calling in the professionals. Professional assistance is always the best option.

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