Signs You are Making Mistakes in Solving Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a great game to keep you engaged and make you forget your stressful thoughts. Whether relaxing on the couch or traveling somewhere, you can quickly finish a 5-minute match and blow off steam. While the game is similar to Tetris, it has its quirks and challenges. 

In Tetris, the block pieces were seen falling from the screen’s top, and players would have to tap left or right to place them. The objective was to clear lines so that the block pieces would not reach the top of the screen. Once the blocks reached the top, it would be game over. On the other hand, in the Block Puzzle game, the block pieces appear on the screen’s bottom. Players need to drag and drop the pieces at the correct place on the virtual game board. Besides, the game is played online, and you can connect with real-life opponents to enter a friendly but intense competition. You can see your opponent’s score on your screen, making you nervous. You need to stay calm and make rational decisions to remain in the game for the full five minutes. 

While solving the Block Puzzle game, many players make simple mistakes that they cannot rectify because the game is time-based. Take a look at the signs indicating you are making a mistake so that you can quickly change your strategy. 

  • You have Started Placing Block Pieces from The Center of The Grid 

The grid’s center must not be filled because most pieces need a lot of space, and their shape cannot be rotated or changed. So, if you have already filled the grid’s center, you are not left with much space toward the corners. 

If you can see your grid is getting full, you need to immediately place block pieces to create horizontal or vertical lines. You need to clear the board and not fill it up. So, the moment the center clears up, start to place the block pieces on the grid’s corner and then work your way to the middle. 

  • You have Forgotten to Leave Space for The Square Piece 

The square piece or the 3X3 piece is a notorious one, and it can crop up when you least expect it. If you have not left any place for this block piece, you need to work your way to clear space. Rectifying this mistake early on in the game is necessary for remaining in the game longer. 

If there’s no space and the square piece shows up, the game will end. The game’s rules suggest that you must have room for every block piece on your screen, and if not, the game ends. So, you must be very careful when placing the block pieces on the grid. 

  • You have Not Turned off The Notifications on Your Phone 

Every Block Puzzle match lasts for about three to five minutes. During this time, players must score the highest to beat their opponents. If you are playing the game on your mobile phone and haven’t turned off the notifications, you are making a mistake. So, every time an email or text message comes, you will be distracted. The distraction can cost you a precious few seconds, which might be the difference in scores. You might lose to your opponent because your mind was somewhere else for a few seconds. Therefore, ensure to turn off all the alerts and notifications when trying to solve the puzzle. You must only focus on the game and try to find the best ways to clear the horizontal and vertical lines. You can even try meditating to improve your focus

  • You Haven’t Played The Free Practice Games

The free practice games are designed in the same fashion as the cash tournaments. The game elements are the same, but in the end, free games don’t provide any rewards, while tournaments offer cash prizes. 

It is a cardinal sin not to play sufficient practice games before participating in cash contests. The practice games will help you learn the rules and try different strategies. It will also make you familiar with the pressure of the timer when playing a multiplayer game. After you have played a couple of practice games, you will be in a better position to handle the stress and remain calm. 

So, if you participate in tournaments without honing your skills, you are making a grave mistake. 

  • You are Only Targeting Single Lines 

Clearing single lines will not get you the scores you need to beat your opponent. So, if you have been only targeting single lines, you know why your scores are lower than your opponent’s. You need to clear multiple lines simultaneously to get bonus points and score higher than the opponents. 

Therefore, it is crucial to strategize and place the block pieces to help you create and eliminate multiple lines. It will put your name on top of the leaderboard. 

Wrapping Up 

Solving the Block Puzzle game is exciting and will keep you engaged, but you need to stop making the mistakes mentioned earlier. The game is skill-based, and hence, you need to learn the rules and play a few practice games to sharpen your skills. Solving Block Puzzle  Then, you can participate in tournaments and earn lucrative cash rewards. 

Go ahead and install the Block Puzzle app. Don’t forget to turn off all the notifications. Keep the distractions at bay. All the best! 

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