Comparison between QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks for Mac

The QuickBooks family of accounting products from Intuit has carried a high portion of the small
business market share for over a year. The company offers numerous versions of its product to serve
different user populations. QuickBooks for Mac is a desktop tool for Mac users, Quick Pro is a
desktop accounting tool for small businesses, and  Online is a subscription-based cloud
accounting tool. Now let’s look over a comparison between Online, Pro, and QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks Online

The desktop versions of QuickBooks date back at least as far back as 2000—before the advancement of modern Cloud technology. Quick Online was created as a response to that movement. The
advantage to this is that you can share access with multiple users or devices. The other advantage is
that it allows you to work in your comfort zone as you can access your data on Windows Cloud Desktop anytime and anywhere. The online product is offered via a subscription model in this way you won’t have to purchase new software anytime you want to get access to the newest features.

The inventory management systems are presented at the higher pricing tiers. Service-based groups
who require to track income and generate estimates may find the Simple Start Tier a cheap
alternative. Users can track payments, bill vendors, directly, and snap photos of receipts.

Users Frequently Praise These Benefits:

 Users overwhelmingly agree that the online software is beneficial for remote access with
outside CPAs, clients, and other stakeholders.
 Receipt Capture, including from mobile gadgets
 Admins can set different levels of access

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is one of three versions of desktop products currently offered by Intuit, the other
two being QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks hosting service provider
would help with hosting distinct versions of  according to the business requirement.
Under the Pro umbrella, Intuit maintains a few diverse options. There is the basic Pro
application and the Pro Plus model, which contains the QuickBooks Pro software with unlimited 24/7
support, automatic back-ups, and upgrades.

Users Frequently Praise These Benefits:

This is feature-rich software that will benefit all bookkeeping services.
The software is easy to understand and operate.
Compatible with several payroll and banking interfaces.

QuickBooks for Mac

As you might have already guessed that QuickBooks for Mac is Intuit’s Mac-compatible version of
their desktop software. This software is most suitable for the Mac user who prefers an
On-premises desktop accounting solution for cloud hosting. A powerful software choice for Mac users. You will have access to similar inventory tracking, invoicing, tax tools, and accounting capabilities as the other versions.

Users Frequently Praise These Benefits:

It is easy to convert from Mac to PC and vice versa.

Offers the bulk of the features available in the PC desktop version.
The robust invoicing feature permits you to create professional-looking custom invoices.


There is an abundance that Quick can offer to its users. There are many advantages of
QuickBooks hosting which get even better as you can access the services from anywhere and at any
time. QuickBooks hosting occurs as a firm opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses to manage
their accounting needs. Apps4Rent is an intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider which helps
thousands of clients. They also specialize in providing IT consulting to firms that need help with migration services such as Zimbra to Office 365 Migration. They work with businesses from various
industries across the United States.

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