Video Projection/3D Mapping

Video content is the most popular and demanded type of content today. So, it seems that it no longer surprises anyone. However, it is still possible to get an unforgettable impression from the video content when it comes to videos produced by Dubai Magic Innovations. Follow https://3dmagic-innovations.com/ for more info.

The company provides a unique format of the video content, namely 3D mapping. This is a projection of any video on different three-dimensional planes like various architectural and interior objects, vehicles, water surface, clothes, and even cakes.

Video projection is not about the content itself, but the presentation method of it. Thus, 3D projection allows drawing more attention than other classic ways of video demonstration. This happens due to the magnitude of the project. Let’s be honest, it is impossible not to notice the video displayed on the 20-floor building opposite and not to be impressed, at least for a couple of minutes.

About Magic Innovations

Magic Innovations is one of the leading multimedia studios in the world and a fully integrated studio, contributing to the actualization of multimedia projects for prominent brands, agencies, educational establishments, and private individuals.

If you are looking not just for professionals but for magicians, Magic Innovations is the obvious choice. One of the most famous multimedia companies in the world can boast of more than 1000 successful projects in 20 countries and prestigious international awards collected for over 10 years of work.

Any video displaying project requires quality preparation, which includes many stages. What is great about Magic Innovations is that the company is responsible for every stage of the preparation process as well as every step of the realization phase.

Thus, the company provides the full-service package:

Idea development (elaboration of the content concept and selection of the appropriate 3D plane for projecting)

Professional engineering (calculations, measurements, blueprints, etc.)

Selection and supply of needed equipment

Creation of the relevant video content

Software development (AR, VR interfaces, interactive gadgets, etc.)

Installation and tech support

So, all you have to do is to enjoy the original entertainment.

Innovative technology is a balance of experience, knowledge, and experimenting that helps Magic Innovations create something entirely new.

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