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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Codes?

Canon is one of the top five brands for high-end electronic products such as cameras, photocopiers, and printers. It is well-known for being the best-selling printer in the world. Canon Inc. is the leading electronics company that provides electronic devices at an affordable price. Canon printers for home and office are extremely advanced and come with many features. Canon Printers are trusted by billions, but there are still issues. Canon Printers are no exception. Electronic devices can make mistakes, just like any other product. There have been many instances. Canon Printer error code users may encounter problems while working. These are some of the most common mistakes that can be resolved by reset Canon printer. Canon Printer error code B200? 5100, 6000, and 5200. This blog contains detailed explanations of each of these Canon printer errors.

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Common Canon Printer Error Codes Their Solutions

Canon Printer Error Code B200

Canon Printer Error B200 A faulty print head is shown. This is the part of the printer responsible for ink distribution from the cartridges onto paper. It is vital to address the issue on priority as it is one of the most important parts of the printers.

Learn How to Fix Canon Printer Error Codes B200

  • Reset canon printer
  • Clean the Printhead
  • Problems with Cartridges
  • Verify if there are any obstructions
  • Manually clean the printhead
  • Take out the old ink
  • Install the printer driver
  • Get a new ink cartridge
  • Change the tank holder
  • Unplug your printer
  • Use the Copy and Power Buttons to copy

Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon Printer Error 5100: This could be because the printer might not have been protected by tape or other protective material. This is the main reason why printers can fail. Canon Printer error code 5100 occurs. Users can eliminate this problem by simply opening the paper output cover or reset canon printer. After you have done this, you can close the paper output cover of the printer as before and see if the error has been corrected. If you still get the error message, you can follow this step-by-step guide.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 50100

Step 1: Take a look at the printer if the paper is jammed

Step 2: Make sure the Cartridge Fittings are Correct

Step 3: Reset canon printer

Step 4: Clean the printer’s dust

Step 5: Clean the Printer’s Printing Strip/Encoder

Step 6: Find out if there are any obstructions

Step 7: Reset the Ink Absorber

These steps will help you to quickly fix Canon Printer error code 50100.

Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Canon Printer error 5200 is usually cause by low ink levels, faulty cartridges, or logic board problems. Canon printers are programmed so that all colors can be combined to create black. Your Canon printer will install empty or nearly empty ink cartridges.

Canon Printers are well-known for their high-quality printing services. They can also be very user-friendly. But glitches are part of electronic devices. Canon Printer error code 5200 is the most frequent problem. Your printer may stop printing immediately and not work again until you fix the error code.

Learn Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset Canon Printer

Step 1: Turn off the Canon Printer

Step 2: Next, press and hold the Reset/Stop key.

Step 3: Press Hold Power ON Again

Step 4: Press the Power On button while you release the STOP/Reset button

Step 5: Hold the Power On button while pressing STOP/Reset twice

Step 6: Now, press the Power ON button

Step 7: Wait for the ‘idle message to appear. It may take several seconds.

Step 8: Lift the cover to remove both the color and black cartridges

Step 9: Recover the cartridge holder cover and turn off your printer

Step 10: Recover the top cover, and then turn on the printer.

Step 11: Finally, return the cartridges once the printer initializes 

Follow these steps to get rid of the Canon Printer error code 5220

Canon Printer Error Code 6000

There are many reasons for the Canon Printer error code 6000. These are some of the conditions that can lead to an error in Canon Printers.

  • If the tray isn’t fit properly or correctly in the printer
  • This happens when something blocks the paper feed tray of the printer. It is usually paper fragments and dust particles.
  • Canon Printer error code 6000 also occurs when the line feed gets smeared, scratch or distort
  • Sensor unit defect or in-line feed cut slit
  • Multiple paper print commands can be give at once
  • This could happen if your printer is surround by many documents

Learn Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6600

This error code can be remove by simply reset canon printer or resetting it. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, unplug the printer from its power switch. Let it sit in pause mode for a few seconds.

Step 2: Next, unplug your printer’s power cord and turn it on again.

Step 3: Hold the Power button for a few seconds and then press and hold twice the Stop button

Step 4: Repeat the process two times more after you have completed the previous steps.

Step 5: Now release the Power button slowly

Step 6: Finally, press the Stop button approximately four times

Canon Printer Error Code 1003

Canon Printer error code 1003: This happens when there is no paper in the printer. Users have reported that the error occurs even after they have loaded the paper. This error is cause by dirty pinch rollers when you attempt to print a job on a printer.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1003.

First, start the printer troubleshooter

  • Click the Start button to search for troubleshooting solutions
  • To open a new window, click Troubleshoot Settings
  • Click on Get up and running and then click the Printer button.
  • To troubleshoot your printer, you can also follow the wizard instructions.

Install the driver in Compatibility Mode

  • Locate the installer file for your printer. It will be an executable (.exe).
  • Right-click this file to open Properties
  • Switch to Compatibility once the Properties bar is open
  • Check the box that says Run this program in compatibility mode and then choose a different Windows version
  • To save settings, click on OK
  • Finally, double-click on the executable file to launch the installer
  • Drain the Power

If all of the above-mentioned solutions fail, disconnect the power cable. Then, hold down the Power On button for approximately 20 seconds. If you repeat this process, it might work.

It’s all about the Canon Printer error codes and resolving them through reset canon printerThis guide will help you. This guide focuses on some of the most important aspects. Canon Printer error codes can be use to troubleshoot these issues. These errors can frustrate users and hinder work productivity. Users must address these issues immediately.

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