Get your favorite hairstyle from hair trimmers

Get your favorite hairstyle from hair trimmers

There are so many great hairstyles that can be achieved with a hair trimmer. For example, you can get a neat and tidy style by using a clipper to shave the top of your head level. Alternatively, you could go for something more versatile and natural-looking. By cutting your locks into a choppy bob or wavy style. If you’ve got the hair on your head and none of it above the ears, then a trimmer is ideal for those.


Creating a perfect hairstyle  

Besides that, there are plenty more hairstyles perfect for creating with a clipper or barber’s scissors including taper cuts around your subject; slick back styles also called pompadours; rows of geometric curls using haircuts like ‘The Rachel’; 360-degree undercut look (You can see an example here ) and fades for retro-wise looks.

Great ideas

Other great ideas are fade cuts (Again, here’s an example) that resemble a mohawk in the back; haircuts that imitate bowl cuts or military plumes; short clipped sides with a tapered taper on top which is neatly cut giving an asymmetrical bob haircut look option; geometric side geometry split directional triangle hairstyle where one part and not two parts of hair section off right around your midsection; haircuts with rectangular shapes like a box cutter, mohawk-like cuts and more designs.


Think of the best salon hairstyle design you can have using your hair trimmer. Then think about how to take this concept further. Creating different looks on different sections of water in the front fringe area or using one clipper attachment with another for easy switching between various styles is an excellent idea. You don’t need any other complicated tools for this; simply switch the hair clipper attachment to one that is for shortcuts or another depending on what kind of look you’re shooting.


Professional service hairstyle

The professional Bang Trim service or products is another great idea. Especially if you don’t want to put a lot of time into growing and styling your own bangs effectively. There may be occasions where needing them can make it difficult. Like when children get sick at school or something like that. Well, it’s not very expensive (According to my research, trimming the bangs can cost from $40-$100). There may be times when you really just want them trimmed for a fresh look or feel without having to fuss with getting in several haircuts all at once.


Once again courtesy of Abingo Hair Salon Design Group, we’ve got some examples of Bang Trim designs: Short choppy styles from days to nights; sleek and minimal hair length looks (combo of bangs around one ear); laid-back styles with varying lengths. 


Know your budget hairstyle

Determine a budget you are comfortable spending on hats/hair accessories, replacements they will need after being shown off at shows, or whether it’s important that the look be realistic as possible. You can then work your way toward these costs figuring out which style you want, what colors you like, etc. Before deciding on the style or exact look of your design that you would like. Determine the budget for this as well and include it into your initial calculations. So there are no additional surprises in store later (this is especially important if starting from scratch ).


Don’t forget to think about all the costs involved with purchasing materials – silk flowers will be pricey, bows may need creating special sizes/designs and solid fabrics may need to be purchased.

Keep in mind there are an abundant amount of tutorials and inspiration on the internet with ideas on what many different styles/cuts can look like while other people have worked themselves up a design they would love, so you don’t have to get it exactly right – just make it believable! And more importantly, anything too difficult or expensive will likely end up being tossed if not finished because we want this for the show!


Last but not least, the tags and labels that you can try to print out. Until they are looking exactly like what you have in mind. It will be important because after all of your hard work coming up with a design – this is hours’ worth. Don’t forget these letters are going onto hats, hairstyle so make sure they look good! Quality isn’t everything, as long as it’s readable/close enough we should be fine!

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