Fin Feather Fur Helped Me to Feel Secure at Home Again

As someone who had never owned or used a gun before, I found the subject of buying and using one for self-defense quite a daunting task. With our neighbourhood problems getting worse, I knew that I had to act in order to protect myself and my family at home. Thankfully, Fin Feather Fur was there to guide me.

Without help, all the brand names, calibers and grain types went right over my head, which left me feeling that I would just be guessing. However, their staff took the time and trouble to explain the considerations that needed to be made in order for me to get a suitable weapon. 


The Fin Feather Fur advisor asked me a few questions about where I would be using the gun after I’d bought it – to which I said home defense and that I live in an apartment block. This is the first aspect that allowed me to identify the perfect option for myself, as my living situation dictated that I should be looking for something that didn’t ‘over-penetrate’ when fired.

What does this mean? Well, after you’ve shot what you’ve aimed at, some gun/round combinations will result in a bullet continuing through walls and potentially hitting someone innocent in an adjacent apartment. 

Locked In a Safe Or On the Hip

The next question I was asked related to the exact way the weapon would be used – ie would it be worn on the hip. Now, I can’t see the point of buying a gun and locking it in the safe. I mean, a burglar won’t be happy to wait for you while you go get it, will they?

Again, this was another indicator to the advisor about which was the right firearm for me, as I needed something small and not too bulky, as I’d be wearing mine at all times. 

Experience With Guns 

Another factor the Fin Feather Fur advisor mentioned was my overall level of experience – which as I mentioned earlier is negligible. This indicated that I needed something that’s easy to use, intuitive with its design features and that could be mastered by a novice like me. 

So, with all these things considered, I ultimately went for the Sig Sauer P365 Tacpac that even came with a neat holster. It’s small, not too bulky and is one of the easiest guns to use as a newbie. 

Sure, I’m happy that I got the best choice as a consumer, but what I wanted to highlight was the company’s eagerness to help me out.

Will Gladly Go Back to Fin Feather Fur – Their Honesty Speaks Volumes

Of course, I’m delighted with the right weapon for me, but what I’m most delighted with is the level of service. There are some companies out there that don’t seem to value the idea of great customer service or helping someone who might not be buying today – this is not one of them.

Consequently, I’ll be going back soon to their website to pick up some top gear for my family’s next outdoor holiday. Honesty is not always focused on in sales, but we’ve had no such worries with this company, as they’ve been eager to help, regardless of whether a sale is at stake. 

That’s why we’re happy to recommend them as gun retailers and suppliers of some of the best outdoor equipment you’ll find online. 

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