Best Wall Painting Design Techniques to Elevate Your Home Decor

Choosing the right paint colour is just the beginning of painting your walls. Your favourite colour schemes combined with a few intriguing and colourful wall painting techniques may greatly improve the visual appeal and interest of the walls in your house. As a wall painter in Mumbai with more than a decade worth of experience working with NoBroker, I am often asked about simple yet effective ways of beautifying the home. Today, I compiled a selection of incredible wall painting ideas and methods that will gracefully adorn your walls. So, whether you want to give your walls a fast update or a complete makeover, this blog will give you plenty of inspiration to add beauty to the plain walls quickly.

5 Wall Painting Design Techniques

As the saying goes, a blank wall is like a fresh canvas for an artist; a bucket of paint and a little creativity may work wonders on it. Here are some wall painting ideas to make your space livelier:


“Stripping” is referred to as “strié” in French. It is one of the most beautiful methods for painting walls since it gives them a linen-like appearance. Yes, the Strié method uses paint to form horizontal or vertical lines that give a room a gorgeous warmth and great texture design for wall painting. What we like about this fashion is how well it complements any panache. Parts of the strie can be used to provide visual flair between basic walls. It may draw attention to structural features like columns and pillars. This wall painting concept also has a subtle refinement to the interiors as an accent wall.


Have you heard of it? Amazing painting styles may be created with the use of painter’s tape. Yes, in addition to just masking off the sections you do not want to paint, it can also be used to create a “Taped” painting technique and beautiful patterns like epaulettes, stripes, and interlocking squares. Use masking tape, more often referred to as masking tape, to create geometric patterns. Then, paint it off after adhering to it as indicated by your marks! Then, look! The enjoyable part is taking off the scotch tape and seeing your design come to life.

Stencils On the Wall

In place of pricey designer wallpapers, wall stencilling is a fantastic substitute for bedroom wall painting. One of the easiest ways to give a room a hint of elegance and mystery without spending a lot of money is to do this. Instead of wallpaper or vinyl decals, wall stencils are a terrific way to save money. These are, to put it simply, quick, simple, and affordable ways to paint your home’s walls and give them a fresh look. Stencils typically have a decorative purpose. Applying this technique may transform a plain wall into a work of beauty. If patterns are made using stencils, the aesthetic and texture design for wall painting appeal of the designer wall paint may also be improved.


Sponging is more akin to the method known as rag rolling. It’s a fascinating method that gives the walls a distinctive appearance, but it’s more modern than others, like a crackle or colour washing. Comparatively speaking, this method requires less work but almost as much work as colour washing because you must remove the base coat to attempt to apply a coloured gaze using a sponge roller. With this approach, you may create whatever dramatic colour differences you want to give your walls a distinctive appearance. Using a deep brown glaze with light tan shading to paint your walls, colouring a plain wall with this approach can work wonders.

Colour Wash

This is one of the loveliest, beautiful simple wall paintings techniques that gives a room more depth and substance. A colour wash uses the layering of two contrasting hues to give a smooth and warm effect. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing than other painting techniques, this approach is much simpler, easier to use, and more cost-effective.

Wrapping Up

Techniques for painting walls may give them more texture, dimension, and flair and transform a plain interior wall of one hue into a lovely narrative. Now that you have the choice, follow these home wall painting method instructions carefully. Then, choose which finish is appropriate for your project or space. Alternatively, you may hire a wall painter in Mumbai from NoBroker.in and get reliable painting and interior décor services. 

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