Fashion is incomplete without inclusiveness, especially when it comes to your clothing. An acid washed t-shirt is one of the perfect alternatives to older outfits. To try out this fashion, people do not need the assistance of any professional. Instead, they can do it by themselves with the help of a few useful tools and an old t-shirt. Acid wash gives one’s shirt an edgy tie-die look and makes it wearable in any season. Several methods exist to acid wash a t-shirt, but people need to be careful with whatever technique they choose.

Fashion styles are cyclical, as they keep coming again after a certain time period. Apparels that were once used in the 90’s have become trendy again nowadays. The 90’s fashion revival is in full effect with ripped jeans, chokers, and acid washed t-shirt. Usually, the acid wash effect is given by adding bleach to the previously dyed clothes. It does not matter which garment is used for creating the acid wash effect. The results appear on the shirt as a unique artistic look. The most interesting thing about the acid wash effect is that the garments do not end up looking the same as others.

Tools Used for Acid Wash

Whether one is creating the acid wash effect on jeans, t-shirt, or any other garment, they will need the same tools, which are given below;

  • Old t-shirts (If one does not want to do an experiment on their new colorful t-shirts, they can choose a plain one for this purpose)
  • Bleach
  • Spray bottle (Quantity depends upon the usage)
  • Water
  • A bucket or bowl (For rinsing the garment after applying bleach to it)
  • Backyard or a newspaper-covered surface

How to Acid Wash Your T-Shirt?

  1. Use A Spray Bottle – Fill the spray bottle with the solution of water and bleach. Both the elements must be in equal quantity. For instance, if the solution contains 50% bleach, then water should also be 50%.
  2. Put Your T-Shirt Down in an Empty Sink – Place the chosen t-shirt in an empty sink to avoid its contact with the other things. This way, other things will not get discolored from the bleach and water solution. It is mostly recommended to place a t-shirt on a concrete slab or into a sink for better results. People need to ensure that the t-shirt is in a flat position instead of getting wrinkled or crumpled to apply as much spray as they want.
  3. Apply Spray on the T-Shirt – After placing their t-shirt in the right place and position, people need to apply bleach solution over it. When applying the spray on the t-shirt, people need to make sure they leave some areas bleach-free. To create the darker and lighter shades, people can also concentrate the solution in some areas. To give the t-shirt a signature look, it is recommended to apply the spray in a random pattern instead of following a design.
  4. Wait for the Bleach Results – Leave the acid washed t-shirt for a while, as the solution takes time to lighten the color of the sprayed areas. If one wants better results, they can reapply the solution after 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse and Wash the T-Shirt – Once the sprayed areas of the t-shirt get discolored, rinse and wash it with the bucket of water.

Wrapping Up!

Although there are multiple ways of renewing old clothes, the above-described method is common for creating an acid washed t-shirt at home.

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