A Guide To Using Vitamin C Serum Correctly & What To Expect While Using One

What To Expect Selecting the perfect products for a skincare routine can be confusing. The number and variety of skincare products available in the market might make you feel unsure about picking the ones that genuinely deserve inclusion in the beauty routine. While different products are suitable for different skin types, including Vitamin C serum in the skincare routine for every skin type is essential, owing to its beneficial properties. However, many of us are not familiar with the right way in which this serum should be used. 

Let’s take a look at the right way to use Vitamin C serum for the face, its benefits for the skin, and how to select the best facial Vitamin C serum.

What is Vitamin C? 

Vitamin C is an essential compound for skin health owing to its antioxidant effects and role in collagen formation. Vitamin C, both dietary and topical, has a favourable impact on skin cells. Research suggests that it may also help avoid and repair UV-induced photoaging. 

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Skin

While using a product, it’s only smart to understand what to expect while using it. So, before using Vitamin C face serum, it’s essential to understand its benefits for the skin.

Vitamin C is a powerful skincare component that has been demonstrated to help with the following—

Boosts Hydration

One of the best benefits a Vitamin C serum offers is intense hydration. Vitamin C serum hydrates and is a must-have ingredient for all skin types. Vitamin C serves as a skin barrier to prevent it from losing its moisture in any weather condition. This is the reason most effective face wash, day cremes, serums, and night cremes have vitamin C as a hero ingredient.. 

Brightens the Skin

The texture of the Vitamin C serum penetrates the skin and provides hydration. Moreover, it brightens the complexion by decreasing excess melanin in the skin and evens out skin tone. Regularly using a high-quality, non-toxic Vitamin C serum can give the best brightening effects. 

Fights Free Radicals

One of the most important benefits of Vitamin C is that it fights free radical damage. We are exposed to free radicals through chemicals, pollution and of course UV radiation! Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage to the skin, which can speed along the ageing process.

How to Use Vitamin C Serum in Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, the rule of thumb is to apply products from thinnest to thickest. The application of Vitamin C serum before sunscreen as part of everyday skincare routine helps to brighten the skin and combat pollutants. 

Given below are the steps to use Vitamin C serum correctly.

Begin by washing face

Before applying any product to your skin, it’s important to wash your face. Cleaning the skin of dirt, bacteria, or residual makeup is the right way to apply skincare products. Use a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. Rinse well to uncover the natural skin.

Move to a toner

Toners help in eliminating any excess dirt. They open up the pores and allow the skin to absorb the benefits of the serum better, substantially improving skin health. So, after cleansing the face, gently apply a layer of toner with a cotton pad. 

Apply Vitamin C Serum

After the application of toner, the skin is clear, lustrous, toned, and ready for some pampering. This is the right time to use the Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C serum creates a healthy base for other moisturizing products. 

When it comes to the application of the serum, a little goes a long way. So don’t apply too much. Place a small amount, a pea size, in your palm. Then, rub slightly to activate the serum. Next, apply it all over the face and neck. 

Give the serum a moment to settle

Wait for a few moments before moving on to other products. It will allow the skin to absorb the serum completely. Apply a moisturizer afterwards. 


Be it in the morning or during the day, applying a good moisturisers and cremes is good for the skin. It will help manage the pigmentation and illuminate the skin. These cremes prevent dryness and hydrate the skin.  However, remember to wear an SPF sunscreen during the daytime  

Choosing the Best Vitamin C Serum

Look for a Vitamin C serum that specially targets dullness. Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow VITAMIN-C + Gold RADIANCE SERUM is a potent form of Vitamin C blended with pure gold leaves. The gold leaves have the capacity to produce younger-looking skin by stimulating collagen and boosting skin suppleness, resulting in a firmer complexion. The serum gets absorbed in the skin quickly and effectively, reducing dullness and dark spots. Its regular application results in moisturized, clean, and glowing skin.

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