How to Submit Your Application for Proof of Canadian Citizenship Online?

The Canadian Citizenship Certificate is a statutory document provided by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, also known as the IRCC, that confirms your status as a Canadian citizen. Only two documents were accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship, along with the Canadian birth certificate. 

You can apply for the Canadian citizenship certificate to enjoy the privileges of citizenship, such as obtaining a Canadian passport, working in Canada, and voting in Canadian elections. Might be eligible for citizenship if one of your parents was born in the country. You will need to show proof of citizenship to earn it, though, during the Canada visa application online process. 

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Certificate of Canadian Citizenship:

A citizenship certificate from Canada is not a travel document. However, a Canadian passport is the only reputable and internationally accepted travel and identity document issued to Canadians abroad. Consult with a reputed company offering immigration services in India to understand this better. doug wright hklaw

You can apply for the Canadian citizenship certificate to find out if you are a Canadian citizen or need proof of citizenship. Canada is accepting requests for proof of citizenship online. To get a Canadian citizenship certificate, the IRCC offers an online application for the process. If you are outside Canada, the nearest Canadian government office can provide you with information on the appropriate requirements.

Highlights that You Need to Know:

Using the online IRCC portal, you can apply, make the payment, and send the supporting documents. In addition, you can apply online with IRCC for proof if your Canadian parent has citizenship on or after 2009 April 17 or was born in Canada on 1977 February 15 or after. 

If you were born abroad, outside of Canada, but have a Canadian parent, you can apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate for yourself. In addition, if at least one of your child’s parents (biological parent or legal parent at birth) was born in Canada or enrolled as a citizen of Canada before they were born, you can apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate for them. However, an applicant’s child is not automatically a Canadian citizen if adopted and born outside Canada.

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Canadian Citizenship Certificate Application Process:

To begin the Canada visa application online, you must first obtain an application package from the IRCC’s website. Thereafter, you should fill out the complete application form and submit it with the necessary supporting documents. On the IRCC’s website, you may submit your application online. It is essential to compile and submit the relevant paperwork accurately.

Proofs of Citizenship Accepted:

  • Citizenship certificates
  • Citizenship cards

Accepted Documents:

  • Birth Certificates issued from a Canadian province or territory Naturalization Certificates given before January 1, 1947, 
  • Although they must be registered, birth certificates were issued between January 1, 1947, and February 14, 1977.
  • Certificates of Detention issued between January 1, 1947, and February 14, 1977

Documents not Taken into Consideration:

  • Citizenship record letter
  • Commemorative certificates

How to Apply Offline?

If you can’t or don’t want to apply online, you can apply on paper. Keep in mind the following steps for a paper application.

  • Get the application package. 
  • Download and print the checklist and the forms
  • Fill out all the forms
  • Attach all documents mentioned in the checklist

You’ll need a translation of any documents that aren’t in English or French and an affidavit from the translator.

If you already possess a citizenship certificate, you must submit it with photocopies of all other relevant documents.

  • Pay the application fee online.
  • IRCC will send you an “acknowledgment of receipt” once you submit your application, and your case will be reviewed and processed.
  • You can track the status of your application’s processing on the IRCC’s website.
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This article aims at providing insight into the process of Canada visa application online. In some cases, the IRCC offers an urgent processing opportunity. This allows individuals to get benefits such as healthcare, acquire a social security number, start a career, or travel to or from Canada in an emergency with a simplified and faster process.

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