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QuickBooks is accounting software

QuickBooks is accounting software with new accounting features. This software is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks is a well-established company globally. The latest highlight for  is that it is available for Mac users as well. QuickBooks for Mac is mainly built up for Mac users. 

This helps the user for accounting super easy, less time-consuming, and hassle-free. The best thing about  is it made things very easy such as automatic reminders in the calendar, automatically synced of contacts, and the time-pitched notification. 

The  is not so popular yet, so here we are going to discuss the QuickBooks Mac version details and their features. Get no commission investments with financial advisors Gold coast.

Brief to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is accounting software that is mainly designed for medium to small-sized businesses. This software is mainly for the accounting purpose to track bank account balances, tax filing, payroll, invoicing, and many other features

Features of QuickBooks Mac

 Features of QuickBooks Mac are mentioned below- 


QuickBooks Mac offers you many features in comparison to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. Although mac has certain compatible features such as general contact information, to-do list, credit limits, default sales tax, customer credits, maps, and many other features are available in the QuickBooks Mac version. Moreover, it gives you certain options for creating contact groups and billing all at once. QuickBooks Mac will automatically sync all your mac contact. 

Further,QuickBooks for Mac also allows the users to import their existing chart account and initial balances. Although, sharing data online is not as easy as it was sharing with the accountant. For this reason, the QuickBooks Mac latest version supports data exchange with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Premier Accountant Edition. 

Account Receivable

You can design your templates in QuickBooks for Mac, as it has 31 invoice templates. No recurring bills are available if you send electronic invoices. Although estimates can easily be built and they can be turned into invoices.

Apart from this QuickBooks Mac provides amazing customer monitoring, it enables you the check outstanding bills, checks balances by the customer, check transactions by the customers.

Banking and Cash Management

The banking experience with QuickBooks Mac is smooth and time-saving. In QB you can link a bank account, import bank transactions, and execute bank reconciliation. Also, if your bank account is not linked to the software you can still execute your bank reconciliation. For this enter your closing balance bank statement and link bank statement items to the books. 


You can simply keep track of items, services, and inventory in QuickBooks Mac. You can customize the sales tax group, reorder points, default sales tax products. Also, QuickBooks Mac calculates the cost of goods sold automatically in each invoice and it also identifies the cost of closing inventory. 

Accounting Project

You can create a customer-related project with the latest version of QuickBooks Mac. With the help of this software, you can easily set your job status, start date, predict finish date, and many other things. You can also create your job costing report.

QuickBooks for Mac allows you to compare real and projected project expenses, which was not possible with QB Online.

Income Tax & Sales

QuickBooks version features are as same as QB’s previous product. Additionally, the sales tax liability can be tracked, sales tax items can be added, etc. 


QuickBooks Mac has more than 110 reports, which includes, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, sales report, and many more. Use filters for the reports.

Customer Support

Users are not required to pay any additional charge for the new subscription for live customer support in all installed Quickbooks products. If you have any questions, you can raise a request to the QB to contact you. Although, they have chatbots and online self-help resources

Why is QuickBooks Mac a Better Option? 

Here are the reasons why one should use QuickBooks Download on Mac

  • Latest updates and unlimited customer support
  • Well-designed user interface
  •  Allow both cash and accrual accounting
  • Excellent feature- inventory tracking
  • Gives best reports- balance sheet
  • Excellent tracking feature of income tax & sales

Who should use QuickBooks Mac?

Here are the types of users who should use QuickBooks Download on Mac

Mac Users

This software is a great choice for companies who prefer the security and speed of locally installed software. For accounting software, the top best software choice is QuickBooks for Mac because it has specific features such as iCloud file sharing.

Experienced Bookkeepers

Experienced bookkeepers prefer the QuickBooks desktop version over QuickBooks online because navigating and inputting data is faster

Project-Based Businessman

These features allow you to track cost per project and give you the ability to send invoices in each step of the project till completed rather than waiting till the end. It offers you to track time, mileage, and expenses. 

 Retail Business

QuickBooks allows you to track inventories, it also helps to manage inventory levels, set rates, create a report to check the performance of your product, and many more features

Prices of QuickBooks Mac

The latest  is now no longer available for purchase. While it is currently accessible only as a subscription model. However the latest Mac Plus Subscription, unlike the licensed version, includes improved and new features, that includes.

  • Unlimited data recovery
  • No additional cost for unlimited customer service

The cost for one user of the latest version of  costs $349.99, $549.99 for two users, and for three users it costs $749.99. Although, three users are not allowed by.

To Sum up

 for c is a subscription-based accounting software program for the Mac desktop. QuickBooks Mac users can assess traditional QuickBook user and their features.

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