Xresolver: EveryThing A Gamer Needs To Know About It

The gamers use different gaming platforms to play the games online as a source of fun, entertainment, as well as profession. And these gamers have their profiles on gaming platforms with IP addresses mentioned there. An xResolver is a website that stores the IP addresses of gamers including their personal information.

As the identity information of gamers is published on a public profile, so technically it’s no fault to save the information on this IP addressing saving site. But why would someone do that? People get worried about it as there’s some kind of hacking fear regarding their gaming profile.

What is a Database Service Site XResolver?

The gamers play online games on different platforms such as PlayStations, Xbox, and also on PC. It should be noted that it has become really difficult to hide your identity and information on these digital platforms. The same is the case with the site xResolver as it provides access to the IP addresses and Gamertags of the users.

In addition, no one can claim it because this site doesn’t steal any kind of personal information from gamers. There are public profiles of gamers on gaming station platforms, so their data is easily accessible. But the gamers just can’t take it easy as it’s unusual that someone is using your IP address and game tags.

How XResolver Get Access to IP Addresses?

Different players use OctoSniff to optimize their gaming connections as well as increase the winning ratio. But the gamers should keep this thing in mind that the site xResolver often gets easy access of gamers linked with OctoSniff. Obtaining the Gamertag with the exact IP address of the gamer needs the gaming session with multiple players.

And this multiplayer gaming session shares the IP address and login information with unknown users around you. So, try not to play with random players in multiplayer sessions or private gaming sessions online. Also, try not to click on any unusual link or pop up that appears during your game.

Change Your IP Address For Protection

Changing your IP address is the most important step if you want to protect your information to get published on xResolver site. There are various ways to change your local IP address. But changing your public IP address requires a person to switch to a different device. Unplugging the router and logging in again will also help a bit in this case.

But one of the permanent solutions is to use any VPN while playing games in private gaming sessions. It should be noted that the VPNs serve the purpose of switching your IP address to a different location. And in this way, no one can get access to your Gamertags with the IP addresses from your gaming profile.


The gamers often have to play in private meetings as well as random players on different gaming platforms. And sometimes you just can’t deny this thing because how a person can remain cautious all the time about his/her privacy? So for this purpose, we have provided a complete description of how to protect yourself.

Moreover, we have also talked in detail about the site xResolver getting access to your IP address in different ways. No need to worry now, and stay in touch with us to learn more preventive tips.

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