A Complete Guide To How Commercial Construction Is Done

Throughout your life, you must have seen several buildings during their  Commercial Construction phase. Watching a building piecing together from materials such as concrete, bricks, and mortar is an amazing thing to see. However, the construction of a commercial area is a much longer process than this. You might think it takes a year and that too due to the construction, but you will be overwhelmed to know that the construction of one commercial real estate takes years and years. In fact, construction is just one of six steps that take place to make an idea of the building come to life.

There are processes that are done before the construction such as planning, choosing architecture, budgets, etc, and then there are touch-ups that are done after the commercial area he built which include setting up utilities, painting, etc. You will need to hire an additional set of professional staff to carry out all different sects of the phases. We personally recommend commercial electricians in Sydney from Lightening Electrical Group, a company with highly trained professionals delivering the best services at the agreed-upon conditions.

You will find many articles on the internet that have all the steps explained in detail but let us be honest. Who wants to read all that detail? So, here is a short overview of the main construction process.

The six-step process.

Phase 1: Development AndPlanning Phase.

The first and most crucial phase of commercial construction is the laying out the foundations of the project. This includes finding locations, inquiring about the legal zoning laws, the prices, etc.

Phase 2: Pre-Design Phase.

This step includes the coordination of the architecture and the contractor to derive a suitable layout of the building. This includes deciding the rooms, partitions, floors, materials required, the orientation of the structure, parking spaces, construction estimate time and cost estimate.

Phase 3: Design Phase.

In this phase, the building layout is drawn and several civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers are involved in this step. This step determines the major deciding factors of the building’s construction. 

Phase 4: Pre Construction Phase.

Once the layout is prepared, the pre-construction phase starts. This step involves legal permits, insurance, and a lot of paperwork. Your building needs several permits to begin construction and this step deals with them. This is a time taking step. 

Phase 5: Procurement Phase.

A very important step to make sure that the construction does not exceed the decided budget, the procurement step includes acquiring about the best costs of constriction materials and builders. You might want to involve a general contractor to make sure there is smooth communication between all worries involved

Phase 6: Construction Phase.

The last step is the construction phase. Once all pre-construction phases are approved and done smoothly, the construction begins. Firstly, the site is prepared to begin construction. This is done by groundbreaking, clearing previous vegetation, excavating, preparing for water connections, etc. The second step is the major construction. Erecting the building starts followed by internal work and external work.

The final touch-up includes painting, setting up utility connections, etc.

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