Why Written Communication is Most Important in Modern World

In today’s business world, written communication assignment online is extremely important. It is a mental process that generates new ideas. When it comes to creating valuable marketing materials for business development, effective oral and written communication is critical. Before writing, there was speech. Writing, on the other hand, is more distinct and formal than speaking. Effective writing necessitates the careful selection of words, their proper structure in phrases, and the cohesive creation of sentences. Furthermore, writing is more reliable and valid than speaking. However, although speech is immediate, writing produces lag and takes time because feedback is not instantaneous.

Most jobs include written communication, whether it’s via email, formal letters, notes, text messages, or internet messaging. You can effectively give direction if you have good written communication abilities. We’ve compiled a list of techniques to communicate clearly through textual communication in this article.

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Effective written communication characteristics

These characteristics are present in all effective types of writing communication:

  • All important information is included in this comprehensive report.
  • All facts are correct and accurate.
  • Appropriate: Has the appropriate tone and formality level.
  • Composition: Spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Is understandable: Is clear.

The Value Of Written Communication!

The main advantage of written correspondence is instant results, so for when you need to send and receive messages, whether critical or not, simply click on the mail button or compose a text. You don’t have to wait hours to get the message you’ve been anticipating (Masteressaywriters). Here are a few reasons why this type of communication is crucial:

Efficient and cost-effective

Written communication is a low-cost option. A letter, for example, is less expensive to write than a long-distance phone call yet can convey the same information. Letters are also adaptable. Professionals can compose letters whenever they want, and receivers can read them whenever they want. Alternatively, you could get a crucial phone call at any time of day, especially when you’re busy.

Written communication is good for communicating non-urgent communication. You can thank a client with a simple card or letter, or alert consumers about order updates with a simple letter or postcard.


Many corporate conversations are lengthy and difficult to comprehend. Even the most intricate discussions can benefit from carefully worded letters. Verbal communications, such as phone discussions, are more prone to result in miscommunications.


Written communication is more legitimate than spoken communication, especially when it is signed through one or more participants. It acts as a permanent record of a deal, communication, or agreement that you can refer to in the future.

Branding and goodwill

Invitations, holiday greetings, thank-you letters, congratulations messages, and condolences are all best communicated in writing. Written messages that are personalized aid in the development of pleasant and respectful work relationships. Letters can also be used to strengthen consumer relationships, make a positive impression, and generate goodwill. For example, you could send a written note to a professional contact on their birthday, when their son or daughter marries, or when they obtain a promotion.

Written business letters personalize these circumstances and foster a sense of friendship. As a result, they are business promotion tools that are used in the background. Letters assist to create a good image of the company that sends them, in addition to delivering information and generating goodwill. Every letter a business writes serves as a goodwill ambassador, promoting the company’s ideals and excellence.


In either a personal or professional environment, the ability to communicate effectively through written communications is essential. Email, text messages, memos, and letters are all examples of written communication. There are several basic guidelines to follow to guarantee that correspondence is correct and successful, regardless of the format. These are the following:

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There should be a straightforward sentence structure. Complex sentence construction can make it difficult to understand what you’re trying to communicate. Concise and to-the-point sentences are preferred. “Please let me know if we can meet to discuss the matter,” rather than “I would want to organize a meeting to discuss the important facts of the matter at your earliest convenience.”

Stay away from jargon

Verbiage or jargon that is only understood by a small set of people should not be utilized. No matter who you’re speaking with, written communication ought to be accessible to them. Technical jargon and language are only used when more straightforward language isn’t possible.

Specificity assignment online

When feasible, provide explicit facts and avoid writing is confusing or unclear terms. Write “I’ve worked as an architect for two and a half years” instead of “I’ve worked in this industry for a long time.”

Be open to dialogue.

Written communication is not the same as academic or scholarly writing, and that should be more conversational. As a general rule, write in the same manner as you speak. Make sure your message sounds conversational by reading it aloud.

Avoid using gendered language assignment online.

When writing, avoid using masculine or feminine pronouns. While using “he” or “his” when the gender is unclear or when addressing a group of persons is strictly correct grammar, may offend. Being on the safe side, avoid using gender pronouns unless you are certain of the person’s gender.

Passive Language Should Be Avoided assignment online

To make your written communication more interesting, use active verbs rather than passive ones. Instead of “When I was traveling to the beach on Sunday…”, write “I traveled to the beach on Sunday.” Because humans seldom use passive voice in verbal communication, using active voice will make you sound more conversational. If you find written assignments typical you can always hire assignment help services from online sites.

Be approachable assignment online.

If you know the person you’re writing to, acknowledge that relationship by using the person’s name instead of blanket pronouns like “you.” Make sure the material in your written message is relevant to the reader. Begin and end your letter with an appropriate greeting, depending on your relationship with the person.

Appropriate Sense of Humor

Use humor sparingly and only when the situation calls for it. If you don’t know the reader, don’t make jokes because you don’t want to insult them. Use humor in your written communication if you have a friendly connection with your reader. Avoid offensive humor, however, if you know the audience well.

Check for errors assignment online.

It is vital to proofread your written communication, regardless of how brilliant a writer you are. Inspect your writing for spelling and grammatical problems. Make sure that what you’ve written adequately communicates the point you’re trying to get across.

Final thoughts assignment online!

Written communication involves a great deal of work, but vocal communication feels natural and freely to man. Writing is, by its very nature, the outcome of a lot of practice and patience. Statements come first and writing comes second. Writing appeared a long time after a speech in all world’s languages (Smriti Chand).

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Smriti Chand. Written Communication: Characteristics and Importance (Advantages and Limitations).

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