What is Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2022 and its Processing Time?

The Manitoba PNP 2022 is amongst the top Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada. The government seeks recent graduates and skilled workers under this program and hires them to fulfill the demands of the financial and labour markets. In addition, Manitoba nominates people for permanent residency in the prairie province through this program. It is a popular program, one of Canada’s quickest provincial nominee programs. There are four streams under the revamped Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. 

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Streams Under MPNP 

Eligibility criteria for each immigration program vary. The four streams are as follows-

Skilled Workers in Manitoba  

Skilled Workers in Manitoba pathway is a stream based on the employers’ needs in the province. Workers trained overseas who have the needed skills and abilities are offered a nomination for Canada PR Visa in this pathway. This stream has two sub-categories: 

  • Manitoba Work Experience- Candidate already working in Manitoba on a Provisional Work Visa like provincial workers and overseas post-secondary institutions graduates in Canada fall under this category. 
  • Employers Recruited Directly- Candidates who have received job offers from reputable and authorised Manitoba employers are under this stream. 
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Skilled Workers Overseas

Skilled Workers Overseas Pathway is for qualified overseas applicants training in popular professions in Manitoba. Those workers who have close family relatives and spouses enjoy priority. Also, candidates who are proficient in the language, trained, and have work experience benefit.

  • Express Entry Manitoba- Overseas applicants eligible through some other stream in MPNP and have an active profile in Express Entry and fulfil the criteria for PR Canada Express Entry comes under this stream. Candidates must have a close family tie and training in one of the popular occupations in the province.
  • Human Capital- Overseas skilled workers with experience, training, and skills in top occupations in Manitoba come under this category. Proving their potential to find a job upon arrival to Manitoba is a prerequisite. doug wright hklaw

International Education Stream 

Overseas graduates from various Universities and Colleges in Manitoba can apply for nomination under this stream. People who pass through Manitoba PNP do not have to work for six months in their field. This stream has three sub-categories:

    • Career Employment- This stream under IES accelerates the nomination of overseas graduates in subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science. Those overseas graduates who have a job offer in one of the most popular professions in Manitoba are not required to work for at least six months before applying.
    • Graduate Internship- This stream is for Doctorate and Post-graduate degree holders. Internships that contribute to innovation in various fields in Manitoba accelerate the nomination of these candidates. Receiving a job offer is not compulsory. 
  • Student Entrepreneur- The student entrepreneur stream is for overseas graduates in Manitoba who want to launch a business. They must fulfill the Business Performance Agreement conditions before getting a PR Canada Express Entry nomination.

Business Investor Stream

Qualified overseas entrepreneurs and business investors fall under this category. They should have the skills and intention for launching or buying a business in the province after arrival and within two years. It has two sub-categories:

  • Entrepreneur pathway- The entrepreneur pathway is for people who want to begin a business in the province and have a Provisional Work Visa offer. After setting up a business that meets the Business Performance Agreement conditions, the candidates receive a Canada PR visa.
  • Investor pathway- Those candidates who want to establish and manage a farm in rural regions of Manitoba come under this stream. The candidates receive an offer for a Provisional Work Visa initially. The candidates receive the nomination for Canada PR Visa is offered after setting up the business that meets the Business Performance Agreement conditions. 

These are the four different immigration programs under Manitoba PNP. The minimum point required for MPNP is 60. You can apply for the MPNP through Canada Express Entry or meet the eligibility requirements of whichever stream you’re choosing.

Processing Time for Manitoba PNP 2022

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is one of the fastest programs in Canada. The provincial office of Manitoba takes four months as the processing time before assessing the application for most cases. When the Federal government assesses the application, it might take around 12 to 15 months. In some instances of Manitoba PNP, the assessment of application can even take 20 months to process.

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There are a lot of streams under the Manitoba PNP program 2022. It is a quick method to hire skilled workers from across the world. Applicants can benefit from this program and gain permanent resident status in Canada. This program also makes it easier for the applicants to settle and immigrate to the province. Therefore, the region successfully attracts skilled and talented workers under this program and hopes to continue doing so.

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