Top 3 Kraft Box Design Ideas for 2021 That Will Land You on Trend

Many people are used to seeing brown Kraft paper boxes. However, this type of packaging is
very sturdy and recyclable, making it a great choice for businesses that want green packaging.
But have you ever thought about what your packaging design will look like in 2021? Let me tell
you. It’s going to be a crazy world. The most popular designs for Kraft paper packaging are
trending, and they’re only going to get trendier.
In this blog post, we’ll go over the top three trendy ideas for Kraft paper boxes that will land you
on-trend. After that, I’ll give some tips on how to make these boxes more beneficial for your

Top 3 Kraft Box Design Ideas for 2021

Kraft Display Box Design

This design is perfect for any product that you want to be seen. The Kraft paper acts as a display,
in the same way, that a garment might have a special hanger shape on it.

There are many different ways to make this box too. For example, you can use one color or mix
and match colors with your brand’s palette. Plus, there are so many shapes of these boxes
available, like rectangular or square, which means you could customize them any way you’d like
(Square Kraft Boxes).
The downfalls of this design would be bulkiness and difficulty when shipping the products
because they’re not easily stackable.
The box of this design is suitable to pack a variety of different products. You could use it for a
jar or food product, so Kraft paper has many benefits when packaging these items, even more so
than cardboard boxes (Kraft Paper Packaging).
The material should also be durable and water-resistant because this type of box will not have a
lid that locks in place or saran wrap to seal like with other designs.
This design can work well if you ship fragile objects like glassware, figurines, china dishes,
vases, etc., preventing breakage during transit. Plus, they look great at events. But this may make
them harder to ship worldwide since the weight might vary depending on what’s inside but still
worth considering as an option.

Kraft Gable Box Design

This is second-in-line, and I think it’s one of the coolest designs. The shape is like a rectangle but
not square with angled corners on either side, so you might be thinking, what does that mean?
Well, this design has an open-top (not closed off) and comes in two sizes. A small one, which
can fit items such as jewelry or purses; large for larger objects like books or framed pictures.
This Kraft Box Design is great if you want to give your products more visibility without stuffing
them into a smaller box only to have them squished when they’re finally opened up at home. And
because these are made from paperboard rather than cardboard, there will also be less noise
pollution while shipping since boxes don’t smash together inside the shipping boxes.
This design is very advantageous because it has a very low cost to make. In addition, you can
make it with square or rounded corners. However, what makes this design stand out is that it
provides an opening for the products inside of the top and the side to see more detail on product
features or benefits.
This Design’s disadvantage would be its size; while there are two sizes available (small and
large). They’re both small compared to other boxes. This means you’ll have less storage space if
using them for items like books.

Counter Display Boxes

This design is best for items that you will see at a store or on the counter. The reason this design
excels in such an environment is that it stands up, making it easy to display, and shoppers can get
more detail about what’s inside.
The Advantages of Counter Display Boxes are their height (they stand out when sitting on the
shelf) and size. They’re sizeable enough without being too bulky. So, you’ll have plenty of room
if using them for books or other larger objects like clothing.
Counter Display box disadvantages would be its inability to close completely. This means
products must remain hidden from view until purchased. There isn’t much space inside since the
product sits vertically rather than horizontally. Moreover, it has low visibility due to its height.
This also means that it often requires a sticker to make the product stand out on the shelf.

Tips to Make More Effective Kraft

Packaging Boxes

If your business uses more than one type of packaging. Then try using an alternating pattern
where every other box is a different shape.
If you decide to use this type of box, then make sure that your product isn’t going to break or
dent easily, too. Because the Kraft paper can be fragile sometimes.
You should also get them sized at least one inch taller than what they’re supposed to be for
shipping purposes.
Kraft boxes are more popular in the fashion and beauty sectors and gift-giving occasions like
birthdays and baby showers!
The same way that a garment might have a special hanger shape on it. There are many different
ways to make this box too. You can use one color or mix and match colors with your brand’s
palette. Plus, there are so many shapes of these boxes available. Like display boxes, counter
display boxes, tuck-end boxes, and many more.


Kraft packaging boxes are a classic design that has been around for decades. The original box
was created in the early 1900s as an easy way to store food without risking it being crushed or
damaged. In 2021, there are the top three Kraft box designs on the trend.

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