Overnight Spot Patches – How They Work & How to Use Them

Discover what overnight spot patches are, how they work and how they can be used to give you a clear, blemish-free complexion. Here give you the lowdown. 

Being small, round and largely opaque, overnight spot patches don’t look like much at first glance. However, these unassuming stickers are filled with something called hydrocolloid that’s packed with wound-healing power to help you get over those troublesome zits.

Also known as ‘pimple patches’, they feature one gummy side, which when placed over your spots can give the area everything it needs to heal quickly. But how do they work?

Absorbing Drainage From the Spot 

The main purpose of overnight spot patches is to protect the area while also promoting healing. They work both by absorbing the fluids that drain from the spot itself and by protecting the spot from additional damage being caused.

Whether you’ve got open cysts or papules, they provide a soothing action that lets you forget about the discomfort and inflammation. 

They Also Stop You From Picking!

Something that you won’t find being mentioned in the advertising for these kinds of patches is that they also come with another great benefit. As anyone dealing with acne will tell you, one of the biggest threats to your skin health is picking – whether carried out subconsciously or actively. 

The barrier that overnight spot patches offer will stop you from getting your fingernails anywhere near the spot, meaning that it’s allowed to remain undisturbed. This results in faster healing and no risk of spreading bacteria to other areas of your face.

Using Them Is a Piece of Cake!

Enjoying this protection is pretty easy, as using them is straightforward and foolproof. It’s simply a matter of cleansing the spot area, drying it thoroughly and applying your pimple patches either overnight or for a minimum of a few hours at a time. The good news is that some brands are almost undetectable on the skin when worn, so you can go outside with them on with confidence. 

Placed directly of your zit – remember that there’s no point putting one over a spot that’s not open, as they’re only effective on open wounds – and leave for the desired duration. After this period, simply peel off and the area underneath should be reduced in size and inflammation. 

Is There Anything That Pimple Patches Aren’t Able to Do?

In order to get the very best results from your pimple patches, it’s necessary also to know what they can’t do. For example, they’re not great for existing lesions that are deeper or closed. So when talking about blackheads or active ‘bumps’, these patches won’t stop them from coming through.

However, if they become open, then the power of hydrocolloid gel then becomes applicable. Just don’t buy them for spots that aren’t open, as they’re not likely to do much.

Know Your Spot Patches & Enjoy Their Benefits 

Your takeaway from this blog should be that overnight spot patches work well – so long as you use them correctly. They have a very specific purpose and while it would be amazing if they worked on both open and closed spots, they don’t, so you can’t expect great results using them incorrectly.

Patches like these are hugely popular because of the relief they provide, so use them right and you’ll get to enjoy all these benefits yourself. 

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