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What are the factors affecting office cleaning services?

Office cleaning services in Los Angeles

Office cleaning is mainly taken care of by the professional cleaning services. The companies hire a particular cleaning service provider and they look after the recurring cleanliness needs of the corporations. Office cleaning services Los Angeles have a team of skilled individuals. Just one cleaning firm ensures proper hygiene and tidiness in a number of offices.

Cleaning service providers are not limited to office cleaning. They also provide apartment cleaning services. Recently, these firms are also providing covid cleaning services. This is a necessary addition in the list of several services available at professional cleaning firms.

List of services available with cleaning firms:

The professional cleaning firms provide a number of specialized cleaning services. They have various teams with the necessary skills to execute each specialized service. Moreover, every cleaning service uses different pieces of equipment. All these pieces are owned by cleaning firms. 

Following is a list of cleaning firm services offered to the customers:

  1. Residential cleaning service – Nuclear families and working individuals are the biggest promoters of this service. The residential cleaning services are available with many companies. One can easily schedule the cleaning appointment as per their own convenience. The professional cleaning firms ensure that you get a neat and tidy house right after they complete the cleaning process. The apartment cleaning services include room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and so much more.
  2. Commercial cleaning service – This service ensures businesses get a hygienic work environment. The commercial cleaning services are available for small, medium, and large companies. Commercial cleaning services are available round the clock. As a result, there is no disruption in the activity of employees. Office cleaning services cover carpet care, window washing, washroom maintenance, etc.
  3. Janitorial cleaning service – The janitorial services ensure customers get clean and hygienic washrooms with every single use. For the same, these services are available at regular time intervals during the day. Main customers of these services are schools, colleges, offices and other public places. Mopping, cleaning, refilling tissues, garbage disposal and so much more make up the janitorial cleaning services.
  4. Sanitization and Disinfection – Today, this is the most widely used service. After coronavirus lockdown both commercial and residential places are demanding this service. The service provider ensures that all high touch points are properly sanitized and disinfected after every few hours. They aim to get rid of the microbes and viruses which are capable of spreading infection.


Factors affecting the cost of commercial cleaning service:

Commercial cleaning services are not available at one fixed price. These services come within a range of price. The exact cost of commercial cleaning service depends on various factors, such as:

  1. Size of office – Office size is the primary determinant of the cost of commercial cleaning. More the area, the higher the cost. Usually, commercial cleaning service is available at cost per square foot. So, the cost of cleaning a small office will be very less in comparison to the cost of cleaning a big office. However, cost per square foot is just one way of deciding the price. This service is also available at hourly rates or in daily, weekly and monthly packages.
  2. Time requirement for cleaning the office – Time is the second factor impacting the cost of commercial cleaning. When the office is non-functional, it takes less time to clean the whole space. On the contrary, The time for cleaning increases during work hours. This time also depends on the area of cleaning and the various cleaning services performed. As a result, more time leads to higher costs. 
  3. Additional cleaning requirements – Just basic cleaning comes at affordable prices. As the cleaning requirements increase, the cost increases proportionately. Window cleaning, bathroom maintenance, and other add on service will lead to higher commercial cleaning cost. Also, the cleaning requirements decide the resource requirement. More use of resources means high cost.
  4. Types of cleaning required – Cleaning services use different cleaning processes. Some use special chemical treatments, some use dry vacuum cleaning, and some services make use of specific machines. More intricate the cleaning process, the more is the cost of this process. Each process comes at a different price. So the total cost of cleaning depends on the different cleaning processes.
  5. Office location – Prime location of offices means the cleaning service cost will be high. This is because of the fact that cleaning services have to bear some extra costs to cater up market clients. Moreover, the needs of the prime location offices are very specific. So, the specific needs come at special prices.



Commercial cleaning services are a big relief for big offices as well as small houses. These are affordable services with effective results. Moreover, the cleaning service providers constantly aim to achieve customer satisfaction. As a result they take care of the personalized cleaning requirements of their customers.

An individual should make sure to avail the services of commercial cleaning firms. Only after experiencing the service will you realize the impact it can create. So, if you have not availed the commercial cleaning services even once, then now is the time to schedule an appointment for your workplace.

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