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Blackberry pearl devices used for email have long been the most popular device for business classes. The device is known as a “Crackberry” because of its addictive qualities users who buy the device and succumb to the beckoning of its constant email siren often find it difficult to let it go and be a part of the endless email Ping-Pong.

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It’s the mantra of many low-level email messages across the globe. RIM the company that invented the Blackberry device is getting ready to hear many of these phrases over the next few months, as it launches BlackBerry Pearl. BlackBerry Pearl, is an email device designed to do more than just corporate jargon.

The front-facing fascia does not have the standard QWERTY keyboard you find on the majority of Blackberries as well as an alternative 20-key keyboard built within. It works with the SureType system that I’ll go over in a minute. But, regardless of its function, it’s obvious that it’s a compromise to fit a basic keyboard in the shape of. Above the keyboard is the Pearl that gave the design its title.

The Pearl is a rollerball/trackball, which you can use to scroll up-down-left-right with the lightest of touch. It is a replacement for the side-mounted scroll wheels typical of old-fashioned blackberry pearl devices. It’s specifically designed to let users easily navigate the menus rather than needing to scroll through every choice.

One thing is certain: it’s a hugely popular gadget and not only for emailers.

The left-hand side of the device is fitted with a mini USB power connector, and it comes with a 2.5mm headphone port as well as the quick key, which can be, in its standard feature, programmed to activate voice calling. The right-hand side of the gadget was previously home to the scroll wheel and has volume buttons as well as a key that triggers the camera. On the top is a mute button that can be quickly switched between silent and normal. The location of the buttons isn’t ideal.

The headphone jack is situated on the left-hand side of phones and makes it feel uncomfortable when carrying it around, as the ‘phones extend out of the phone at an angle rather than sitting perfectly against its front. It also has a power outlet that is also located on the back which would be better placed in the lower portion of the device. The issues aren’t big however they suggest that the device was an odd device designed for use in business, not made to be utilised by everyone.

While its screen may be smaller in resolution, when compared to the standard Windows smartphone, it won’t alter how you use the internet, which isn’t the optimal task for one of these phones. Why don’t you go with the iPhone instead? PDA versions of websites work on smartphones like the Blackberry while the web browser does the best job of adapting standard websites to the device.

blackberry pearl Phone functionality

The capabilities of the phone are sufficient for calling quality but it’s not the most remarkable. The speaker and microphone were not as crisp as those in phones that can provide excellent call quality, such as the Samsung D600. Samsung D600. They’re however near the top of the line of usability, which means you won’t have any problems making or taking calls. Similar to other modern phones such as the Pearl comes with its Bluetooth module, meaning you can connect it to a variety of hands-free devices. There’s a dedicated button for making calls or hanging up, and we’re betting that you’ll want to avoid the awful hands-free wireless kit that comes with the phone.

The phone comes with blackberry pearl desktop software, which lets you sync all your contact information across a range of programs, including Outlook. How you employ for managing your contact list will depend on whether you purchase the Blackberry to use it for personal reasons or provided by a corporate deployment. In either case, the process of adding contacts as well as managing your general information is easy. In the case of other PIM applications that are listed, these aren’t the best. A calendar is a text-based item that is limited by the size of its screen.


However, as you can see from the title email is where the gadget can perform most effectively. There are a variety of ways to set up email based on how you want to incorporate it into your routine. In the case of business and would like to incorporate it with your existing blackberry pearl and the push-email feature, you can configure it using Blackberry Enterprise Server just as you would normally with no additional requirements. If you’re using it for personal reasons, there’s an option to connect devices to multiple accounts for personal use. What you can do to accomplish this will provide you with a variety of options.

We set up email through Vodafone. Vodafone requires you to sign up for accounts on your phone which you later link to your email account. Furthermore, you’ll be provided with a unique mail address to resolve your issues. Your account, as well as your email preferences, can be controlled from your phone or on the web but during our testing. We noticed that the Vodafone site’s maintenance of email for Blackberry wasn’t as seamless as it could be. 


The Pearl is a first for Blackberry in the world of multimedia. The Pearl is the very first phone to expand. That is, the MicroSD card, which is tucked away beneath the battery. However, it’s not a perfect match however it allows you to transfer video and music across. It also has a 1.3-megapixel camera at its back phone. This means that it can take basic photos and the quality is great. Comparable to other 1.3MP cameras found on smartphones. However, the market has shifted to two or more resolutions. Music player permits people to enjoy MP3s through headphones and also make use of MP3s to create Ringtones. It’s sure to be popular with trendy youngsters who are looking for an easy way to get their music fixed. However, who is trendy enough to own a Blackberry and not own an iPod?

blackberry pearl Verdict

Do you agree? Is it truly a Blackberry Pearl that performs its task for you? As a device that is used daily, it’s a winner. It’s slim, stylish and checks all the boxes. It’s also equipped with an amazing instant email feature. If your children are constantly checking their email throughout the day, it’s an amazing feature. It’s also the fact that RIM is now starting to ship trucks full. These products that are proof of that. 

The area where this is the most profitable commercially is for small-sized companies. The reality is that Vodafone offers a wide range of reasonable-priced Blackberry plans as well as. Because it’s compact enough to use as an ordinary phone, not an email tool. The design is elegant enough to impress your friends and colleagues and also. The fact it’s possible to send emails out without the need of the use of an Enterprise server.

It’s made to help in making instant email more popular in businesses by expanding the number of users down. Instead of acting as a replacement for older devices that are employed by large corporations. In this regard, it’s obvious that Pearl is an excellent option.

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