Keeping mosquito populations in check

There is always the chance to get in touch with a pest treatmenBeing bitten by blood-hungry mosquitoes can disrupt outdoor activities in the summer. These bothersome pests not only itch and hurt when they bite, but they also carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and animals. Don’t just move the gathering indoors and hand the victory to the mosquitoes. To assist in reducing the mosquito population near your home, there are a few easy things you may do.

Taking care of the issue before it even arises can significantly reduce your costs and avoid expensive treatments and repairs. Get in touch with a professional Meridian, ID pest control. 

Pest Control for Mosquitoes


The majority of people are aware that mosquito breeding requires water. In addition to slow-moving water, soil that retains moisture, and wet leaf litter, adult mosquitoes will also deposit their eggs in stagnant water. By eliminating these kinds of water sources, you can lessen the amount of mosquito breeding around your house.


  • After a rainstorm, walk around your property to look for places that puddle and do not drain well. If the puddles persist for more than three days, think about regarding the area.

  • Maintain a clean and clutter-free gutter system. If water is allowed to stand, the gutter transforms into a fantastic hidden breeding area.

  • Even when not in use, swimming pools must be kept clean and chlorinated.


  • Drill drainage holes on the bottom of outdoor trash cans to allow rainwater to drain.

  • In order to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs, aerate ornamental ponds keep the water flowing. Fish that consume mosquitoes could also be added to the aquarium.
  • Water can also be found in bird baths, trash can lids, and flower pot saucers. Water should be drained every three days; avoid letting it sit for too long. Don’t leave the same water out in bowls for more than two days out of consideration for your dogs.

  • Don’t Use Fragrant Body Products. Although some fragrances serve as insect repellents, other body lotions and perfumes have the opposite effect.

  • Reduce Shade by Pruning Hedges and Mowing the Yard. To avoid the midday heat, mosquitoes prefer the shade. Mosquitoes are protected by the shade provided by hedges, bushes, and thick grass.

t business. Professionally applied products and treatments can drastically cut down on mosquitoes. However, the treatments won’t be as effective if there is still water outside the property.

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