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How to choose a down jacket for winter on the size and shape

From the choice of winter down jacket depends not only on comfort on cold days, but also on the state of health in this cold period. In addition to its main function – to keep warm, the modern down jacket imposes an additional function – to be a stylish closet item. So how to choose it? Our article will help you to combine all the requirements in one thing, and it also has tips on how not to miscalculate the size of the down jacket. If you are interested in this tip, you can read other tips at online magazine about beauty, fashion and style.

Types of down jacket fillers
There are several dozens of fillings, each of them has its own positive and negative qualities, and each of them has its own characteristics.

For down jackets made of natural materials, only the feather of waterfowl – duck, goose, swan – is used. This down is the softest and has high heat retention properties. The main problem is that over time the natural filler is knocked down and improper washing and drying such women’s jackets get quite a specific smell. In addition, down coat can cause allergies, and weighs much more than analogues on synthetic.

A girl in a down jacket

Down jackets on isosoft will be a great buy for mobile people. The fact that clothing with such a filler is very thin, but incredibly warm. This is a so-called membrane insulator. Advantages:

thin, lightweight, which makes the cape waterproof;
easy to use, well withstand washing and drying;
very comfortable, it is ideal for a jacket for a child.

Jackets with insulation hollofiber vigorously discusses any forum that specializes in women’s clothing. And all reviews are quite contradictory. Some say it’s just a godsend for the Russian winter, others argue that clothing with this stuffing does not let the air through, and gets the effect of steam baths. But hollofiber is inexpensive, not confused when washing, and very light.

So, before choosing a good down jacket for women, we need to determine for what purposes we buy it. If you need a model for frequent travel and walks in the fresh, frosty air – give priority to synthetic fillings, if the plans are not promenades in the wet rain – just fine and down jacket.

Down jackets

Photo – Fur jackets
How to choose a down jacket with fur? This is a very popular trend now – down jackets with fur. They differ not only in their price range, but also in their excellent thermal properties. But here you need to consider not only the fur on the collar, but also the inner trim, as well as the filling of the jacket.

Not uncommon now is the trend with mixed textures. The impetus of this year was the Zara coat model with leather sleeves and woolen hem. Such a sheepskin coat is worth choosing if you live in regions with really cold winters. After all, leather is an excellent water-repellent material, and the right choice of filling will not let you get cold.

Many modern fashion houses and companies make clothes for winter, while not always meeting expectations. Often, branded down jacket has a fairly high price, which is justified only by a loud brand. What is the best firm?

When the words “winter” and “warm”,

The first thing that comes to mind is clothing from Columbia, but it is, unfortunately, quite expensive. As an option, an excellent and more affordable alternative is a jacket from the Canadian manufacturer woolrich, in particular, parka models. Although the parka-alaska is currently considered the most expensive jacket, we recommend buying it, because the producing country Canada really knows a lot about extreme weather conditions and warm clothing.

For men are especially noteworthy modern elegant down jackets from Tom Tailor, Norman and sports Nike, jackets of this brand are perfect for snowboarding or skiing even during severe frosts. Only the women’s WHITE RIVER LADY JK W ALPINUS can compare to it in terms of warmth and cost, but it is more suitable for spring.

Always a big question for fashionistas was with what to wear outerwear. For some reason in winter it is not customary to try on out skirts or dresses. And in vain, because no one cancelled the woolen models.  Create a successful retro look will help us create a beautiful flared midi-skirt and jacket spacious style.

With any top jeans look more than appropriate, especially this version will suit a teenager.

If you need to pick up a hat – there is complete freedom of imagination. The only advice – watch for the quality of the cap (it is important to have natural fabric). And for a scarf to match the color of the clothes Very cute looks. A stylish outfit with a collar on a bunny and a fur hat made of the same material.

In addition, men’s down jacket leather will serve much longer his master. It is harder to tear and places under the sleeves is almost not rubbed (if the leather is natural). We use the tips from

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