How cricket and cinema are boosting the NFT sector in India

NFTs, the recent trending surge in the world of technology and trade that has taken everyone by surprise. Starting from digital art, the sector has housed various industries, including music, gaming, community, entertainment, metaverse, and sports. NFTs come under one of the few divisions that can support and expose established industries in a new light. In lieu of this advancement in technology, the entertainment industry is riding the NFT wave to unprecedented heights.

The Digital Revolution By Popular Names

Celebrities and cricket stars are already established individuals that need no introduction. But that doesn’t mean they can’t monetize their personality or the art they represent. Historically, famous names lend to any brand, product, or sector exposure and generalization. Now, the celebrities themselves are making legacy and entertainment in the form of digital tokenized assets – Helping the sector and its use case reach the masses by proxy.

Let’s look at how the entertainment industry adds value to the NFTs, what celebrities have entered the NFT marketplace in India, and the sector’s future.

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How NFTs are flourishing in the entertainment realm

  • The ultimate marketing strategy for any product to take off – is the potential growth in trust and the product’s aesthetic.
  • Celebrities and cricketers have long proven to be one of the no-brainer aspects of this strategy.
  • Now the NFT projects from the famous personalities are actual collaborations where they hold creative control and a stake in the final product.
  • This helps in the personalization and adds to the emotional appraisal of the NFTs.
  • Many of the NFT projects from this industry rely on the legacy and the historical aspect of the projects and the names attached to them.
  • This gives confidence to the investors and fans of the projects to feel seen and appreciated.
  • These legacy NFT projects provide much-needed closure from the celebrity to their fans.
  • Getting to own a piece and history of their personal hero is something very special and endearing.


  • It is the currency that is making the NFTs associated with the entertainment industry grow in folds. The projects fulfill the need and demands of the fans.
  • With the fans and the fandom paving the way for exposure of the sector to a larger audience.
  • The oblivious and the skeptical people can find a footing and trust in the sector as they are being used by a figure they know and trust.
  • And it also reaps huge monetary benefits as a consequence in the NFT marketplace in India.

Successful NFT Projects In The Entertainment Sector

Almost every project related to any of the famous names has been an instant hit in the Indian NFT marketplace. From Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachchan, Sunny Leone, Sunil Gavaskar, Yuvraj Singh, Rohit Sharma – many of these celebrities have pierced the online art trading sector hand-down. Let’s take a brief peek into their trajectory, collaboration, and the team behind their creation.

  • The brilliant minds collaborated with the Indian Icon “BigB” Amitabh Bachchan. Evidently, one of the superstars in the Indian NFT marketplace to trailblazes the celebrity NFTs.
  • The punks sold for upwards of 200 times their floor price during trading in secondary platforms.
  • They were also responsible for Stan Lee NFTs in the Indian marketplace, first-of-the-kind Metaverse marriage, and a few other killer projects down the line.

Always first

  • The cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar’s very own NFT collection from Always first came in as a banger hit in the sports NFT marketplace in India.
  • Cricketer has shared some personal accolades, an exquisite collection of emblems, and elite groups to be a member of.
  • Gives a peek behind the curtains of certain iconic moments from his greatest hits and many more goodies.

Some notable mentions of NFT marketplaces in India that deal with celebrities and cricket NFT projects are Bollycoin, Rario, Colexion, Diginoor, Vibranium, etc.

The Future In The Sector

The legacy projects are legacy for a reason. These projects reap multiplied amounts of revenue in the secondary markets. In the midst of the growing fandom and the participants in the sector – it is possible for many people to find the NFT realm monetarily beneficial. In India, the NFT marketplace is specifically flourishing in the celebrity and cricket stars because of the undying loyalty and love the fans hold for the respective industries.

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