What is the Sam’s Club near me

Sam’s club near me When talking about Sam’s club near me, it was customary for us to think only of large quantity purchases and that it was a store more focused on people who had a business or other activity that required a lot of raw material. For a few years, the store has also become famous for purchases of electronic equipment, some furniture, video games, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Sure, keep your share of the wholesale business.

How to Shop at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has also been strengthening its online store over the years and is currently one of the benchmarks for online commerce in Mexico. That is why we have prepared this purchase guide where we will explain step by step how to place an order and the details to ensure that the procedure is easy and safe.

Of course, as you can see in the following text, it still has several limitations compared to other online stores. The following information is using the browser and assuming that the user already has an account configured.

Sam’s Club near me Membership validity and cost

First of all, it must be remembered that to make a purchase either in a physical store or on its online platform, it is necessary to have a membership that is valid for one year. There are three different options, each with its price, and they are the following:

  • Classic: it is the most basic of all and costs 500 pesos, while the cost of an additional one is 250 pesos.
  • Benefits: It costs 650 pesos and offers exclusive discounts and Sam’s Club Viejas promotions, in addition to access to an app that will give us personalized offers. This card can also be used in other establishments to obtain benefits, and an additional one costs 325 pesos.
  • Plus: the highest-ranking card is priced at 1,100 pesos and offers the benefits of Benefits, but also gives us a 2% reward on our purchases and additional savings on travel.


All these memberships also offer us a coupon book, the possibility of making purchases online, the guarantee of freshness and satisfaction guarantee of the store, and we can not only use it in Mexico because it is also valid in Sam’s Club stores in the United States, Brazil, and China.

It can be ordered both in-store and online.

In the first option, you will be asked for some information and will take a photograph of us. You also must remember that only the person who appears in the photo of the card can use it, regardless of whether it is the primary or additional person. When ordering it online, we will also have to send a photo. We can have up to five different memberships.

For this guide, we will use as an example that we want to buy the Samsung screen model. When we put the model in the search engine, it did not give us the result, but when we put “Samsung 55 4K,” it appeared as the first option.

We used the alternative to search by categories and went to Electronics and Computing > Screens and Audio, we chose to show us screens between 41 and 57 inches, and it still did not appear, although if we did not select this last option, it is listed in result number eight.

In general, we have tested other products, and the results vary greatly, so we recommend you try several combinations of words and visit the categories in detail.

Sam’s Club near me Warranty

Once we identify the product we are looking for. At the bottom of where the item images are. We can see that changes or returns are accepted up to 30 days after receiving our purchase.

The store policies mention that we can do it from the “My orders” section of the website or. Its application and that changes are not accepted online; we will have to make the return and repurchase our product.

Just like other stores, there are specific departments from which they do not accept returns. In this case, for example. They do not take Apple products or video game consoles, mentioning. That this has to be resolved directly with the supplier.

In addition, Sam’s Club also offers extended warranties for electronics and white goods backed by AXA. For the example we are using of the Samsung screen. It would have to be the screen option between 10 and 20 thousand pesos. That offers three years of protection for 1,328 pesos.

Shipping and delivery time

As commonly happens, the shipping cost will depend on the product’s dimensions. According to what was mentioned by the store. They try to make it as little as possible and continue with our example. It tells us that they will charge 59 pesos for shipping.

Sometimes they have specific promotions that will allow us to have free shipping. For example, when writing this guide. The store offers free deliveries to users with a Plus membership until December 31 in CDMX, Guadalajara, and Monterrey.

When we finalize the purchase of our product. It will ask us to choose if we want delivery at our home or Pick-up service.

Payment methods

Unfortunately, in this store. We do not have a wide variety of payments; we accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, Prose. And Carnet debit and credit cards, as well as being compatible with services such as BBVA Wallet, Premier Points. As well as vouchers and credit programs. Government.

Delivery and billing

Regarding tracking our delivery, the store does not offer a very advanced option either. In our account, we can go to the preferences. To activate notifications to our number registered in Whatsapp or that they reach us on the Sam’s Club mobile application (Android and iOS)

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