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Honest Moonfall Review: Here Is All You Need To Know

Films are considered to be the best way to entertain yourself. More than Bollywood movies, people love Hollywood movies due to the relevance of the material and the plot. But there have been many movies that have disappointed the public to a great extent. One of these movies has been the recent release of moonfall.

It was released just a week back on 4th February 2022. This article will attempt to focus on the plot and theme and whether it is worth watching or not. The list of all of these factors has been given in the following way for the audience to estimate whether to watch the movie or not. 


The theme is again based on supernatural power. But this thing is related to the interaction of planets and the solar system. It is essential to mention that the movie revolves around the basic plot of saving mother earth from space attack. It is considered an essential process with the help of which you can focus on some irrelevant stuff. 

The Moonfall’s basic premise is related to the fact of some dysfunction happening in the orbit of the Moon. This malfunction can send signals to mother earth. These signals can bring a new age of destruction. It is causing an amount of threat to the planet over the period.

Graphics and Design

The graphics and design were not that attractive. Only 39 % of the people genuinely liked the film as a one-time watcher. The design of the movie was ubiquitous and outdated. The worst part about the movie was there wasn’t any superhero who would come to save mother earth. 

The movie lost hope when action scenes were narrated between human beings and the Supernatural space action. The graphic and the design will not be able to keep an excellent impression on the audience’s mind.

Star Cast

Actors like Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu, John Bradley, and Pattrick played the leading role in the moonfall. Halle Berry was also performing the lead role of the movie. In addition to these important Hollywood actors, there was an involvement of many side actors. This particular perspective was pretty amazing to watch down

The Star cast of the moonfall was one of the reasons to attract people towards itself. But the star cast was not able to justify the craze of the audience in the movie. That is why the movie could not create magic for the audience. Within just a week of its release, it failed to attract a lot of viewership. It was considered the best, but it amounted to the worst. 


It can be ultimately concluded that you can watch any other movie instead of watching moonfall. This is because most people have given their negative reviews about the moonfall. In such a situation it is advisable to watch any other movie as compared to this one. This could save your time and energy. You can definitely go ahead with watching any other type of movie to create a value development for yourself. 


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