For 5 Reasons, is a Buyer’s Best Friend.

FashionGo, a B2B fashion marketplace, has launched a new solution to help companies sell smarter, shop better, and expand quicker.

FashionGo Drop-shipping, which will be available in January 2022, will bring automated payments to shops, reducing friction and saving time. Users will now be able to connect their Shopify stores to bring even more simplicity to their businesses’ growth. All new and registered purchasers will receive the service for free, and all vendors, even those who do not already sell on FashionGo, will be able to use it.

The solution eliminates the risk of onboarding vendors who have goods ready to be processed and sent within a week. Drop-shipping eliminates the need for buyers to store and manage product inventories, allowing them to develop their operations and adapt to changing market preferences.

“We are delighted to be expanding our capabilities to include FashionGo Drop-shipping, a service that will allow both large and small customers and suppliers new opportunities in a rapidly developing retail industry,” said Paul Lee, CEO of NHN Global, the parent company of FashionGo, based in Los Angeles. “The need for a convenient and dependable drop-ship platform has never been greater, and we plan to create a frictionless environment for consumers by combining our trustworthy platform with cutting-edge technology.” metal rocking chair

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