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Exotic automobiles are widespread in Dubai because it is a luxury elegant and posh destination for some of the world’s wealthiest citizens. Dubai is one of the world’s cities with the most premium cars, including supercars. In fact, the Arabian metropolis is home to the world’s first and only female-only supercar owners club, the Arabian Gazelle.

When buying a car in Abu Dhabi, one of the most crucial variables to examine is the vehicle’s accident history. The used car dealers in the capital city is large, and you must exercise caution while purchasing a vehicle from another person. Accidents might raise the likelihood of your car failing in the future and jeopardize its security features. The UAE Government has made the vehicle accident database public to make the security check more accessible to individuals, and you can easily find a car’s accident history in Abu Dhabi by visiting numerous government and non-government portals.

Purchasing a secondhand car is never simple, especially on a limited budget, and finding the correct one is much more difficult. Let’s rule out new automobiles since, for various reasons, they’ve never been in an accident, but what about used cars?

Panels for the body:

When all of the doors, the bonnet, and the boot are closed, the modules should line up perfectly with the rest of the vehicle. If they don’t, the vehicle has been repaired and, worse, has been involved in an accident!

The front and rear bumpers should also be lined up straight. Maintain a strategic distance if you find they aren’t aligned.

What’s that strange pungent smell?

Have you seen a few too many air fresheners in your rear-view mirror? Do you get a whiff of dampness? This could be a sign of structural damage if this is the situation.

Additional sign of water leaks is if the dash lighting, power windows, or anything else electronic isn’t working properly. It could potentially be a short circuit, which you should be aware of.


Vehicle headlights often seem to be dim over time and eventually develop a yellowish tinge. If one appears to be clear and the other does not, the car may have been in an accident.

On its front ends, the headlights should also be aligned. If they don’t match, they’ve been tried to swap out for new ones. Remove the hood and detect the front end for any damage.

Dashboard lights 

The dashboard might activate if you turn the key completely in the ignition; this is a fast system check to ensure everything is in functioning order.

If you turn the key all the way and the lights are still on, there is indeed a problem. Here’s what you are always on the lookout for:

  • Battery (Outline of a battery)
  • Electrical fault (Lighting bolt)
  • Engine check (usually a yellow outline of an engine)
  • Oil lamp

There are numerous other lights, but these are the most important.

We also recommend that you bring a colleague and/or a trusted professional with you when buying a used vehicle. They’ll take the place of your biological eyes, ears, and nose.

Take a close look around the vehicle you’re considering purchasing. There’s a good likelihood the car has been in an accident and it has been repainted if the paint wouldn’t match all the way around.

The front and rear bumpers should also be lined up straight. Maintain a strategic distance if you find they aren’t aligned.


The windshield not only provides an excellent perspective of what’s ahead, but it also serves as a safety element by preventing debris from entering the cabin.

Even a minor fissure the size of a grain of rice can impair its structural integrity. Any minor cracks should be replaced as soon as possible by the vendor.

What’s that strange noise?

Take a ride in the car once you’ve gotten behind the wheel. Turn off the radio and listen for any weird noises that are out of the ordinary.

  • Heavy clunk when shifting gears – Diff needs to be replaced.
  • Rattling – Something is loose somewhere in the car.
  • Squealing – Wheel or axle bearing is failing or damaged.
  • Grinding noise – Check to brakes and calipers.
  • Knocking/tapping in the engine bay – Damaged piston.

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