Deep Learning and its Technological Developments

Imagine having technology so advanced that it starts imitating the human brain. That is exactly the concept behind “Deep Learning”. Deep learning is one of the categories of machine learning and it depends on the idea of Artificial Intelligence or AI for short. Deep learning has made processes a lot easier since it has reduced human efforts. People can now rely on machines and technology that use Deep Learning so that people could have their tasks done for them. Deep learning has made the process faster and more efficient, it is even incorporated into data science for accurate results and ease. 

However, in order to incorporate technology with deep learning into your life, you need a fast and reliable internet connection such as that of Xfinity, which has some of the best services in the country. Keep reading to find out how deep learning has made its way into our everyday lives and industries. 

Video Games

Who would have thought that something even as simple as video games would incorporate machine learning and deep learning too? Video games are something that we use to test our skills and reflexes; we could say that games tend to give our minds the exercise that it needs. 

Many popular games, such as Dota 2 and StarCraft have been using deep learning to make the gaming experience even more interesting. How does this work? Deep learning teaches the game algorithm to observe so that it could imitate it too, meaning if you play against a computer, it would be like playing against an actual human. The software constantly observes until it can get itself out of tough situations. 

Translation and texts through machines

Gone are the times when we had to rely on people to translate things for us. Now we have machines to do that. Let us just say all those Sci-Fi movies were right when they said that machines would replace humans. All thanks to deep learning, machines are now able to translate things for you!

With deep learning, machines are capable of translating sentences for you from one language to another. The best part is that you do not have to input any sentences yourself; you can rely on the machines to do it automatically for you. 

Some software have learned grammar so that they could help you as you type, for instance, Grammarly makes use of Artificial Intelligence and it helps you proofread your work once you are done writing or even helps you as you are typing. 

Self-Driving Cars

There was a time when everyone had to be very conscious while driving. As it is potentially fatal to drive if you are feeling drowsy and there are a lot of other factors that make it driving a challenge. However, companies have now started using deep learning that allows your car to drive itself! Crazy, right? 

At one time, it seemed like something that was difficult to achieve, but now, cars that drive themselves are a reality and there has been an increasing trend of people buying these cars. These cars use Convolutional Neural Networks or CNNs that allow them to drive themselves. Instead of these cars learning on their own through programming, you have to “teach” them the basics of driving and after that, you leave them to learn and incorporate new elements. 

Computer Vision

How great would it be if you had robots helping you out with your household chores? Surprisingly enough, it is actually possible now! You can use computer vision in robots so that they can scan and recognize objects around them. For instance, you could incorporate computer visions into vacuum cleaners so that they could move about the house and clean it as they move. 

Similarly, having your robots know what things are fragile would help as well. You can use that for computer vision so that these robots do not end up moving around the house, bumping into things that can break such as crockery and mirrors. 

You can add computer vision to anything that has an integrated computer so that these devices can easily observe and learn from the environment around them. This would also allow the computer to classify different objects into similar categories. 

Colorizing images

People had head on to software such as Adobe Photoshop so that they could extensively edit pictures to their liking to a common practice. This used to be a tough process, which also included colorizing pictures that were originally in black and white. As time has progressed, Adobe itself has started using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in its software, which has made things a lot easier for its users. 

This has cut down on the time it would take people to color their images because there is little to no human involvement in the process. All you have to do is to upload a picture into the interface, press a button, sit back and watch as your image is turned from Black and White into a colored photograph. 

Wrapping Up

Deep Learning is the first step towards automation and bringing human-like artificial intelligence to our routine lives. Now it is a matter of seconds as you watch your task being done for you, making machine learning highly convenient and timesaving. 

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