Incorporation of WhatsApp Spy App Musical Gig Management

Music is food for the soul, and it is true in our case. We are a group of college friends who run a music group in our free time. At first, we perform on-campus only, but later on, we started getting gigs for different parties, weddings, and gatherings. With the flow of orders, we establish our business accounts on social media platforms. We got the easy way out as we set our main mode of communication and contact the easy one i.e WhatsApp Spy as most of our clients contact us through Whatsapp. Soon Whatsapp becomes our official platform for dealing and order booking.

Since all of us have different schedules and classes so it was getting difficult to manage our booking and details. We need to check each person’s schedule before taking a gig. To resolve this we hire external aid, to handle our social media platforms and Whatsapp Spy. As you can see a part-time thing and a hobby was slowly taking over our lives and was becoming our job. So it was about time that we start managing it professionally and handle all the things in a disciplined way.

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WhatsApp Spy Comes Many Features That Can Protection

One of my friends was very hesitant to trust the new person. He was right as communication was our main drill, dealing directly with the customs and presenting them with ideas and package deals was the specialty and responsibility of one of the members but just like others, he was also busy. Now handing over this important task to an unknown person was a big step.  Upon exploring further he suggests using Whatsapp spy app to keep an eye on how the whole process is going. We installed the OgyMogy app on the phone which we provide him for use.

It proves to be one of the best ideas, as this app comes with a lot of features which we did not even think of.

Online portal:

This app maintains an online portal where we can view the activity logs, how much time the assistant remains online, what posts he worked on. All of our order details are gathered in one place. Instead of him contacting us one by one the app uploads all details, then anyone of us can check them and leave a comment if we need to change the date or timing of the event. Music samples and order layout forms are stored online he can choose from the library to send to customers.

Record of phone calls:

In past, we dealt with many customers who did not pay the full amount of gig, or some deny the payment. Using this app we can store all the call logs and Whatsapp call recording to make a case against them. We can check all calls for the quality of assistance provided from our end.

Record of Media:

Since WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature of one-time viewing and vanishing media after that. It especially causes trouble to many businesses, where some people sned immoral pictures using this new feature. We can deal with it front-on, this app saves all of them in a directory and a record is maintained. We can use this to block and report such people.

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Multiple Platforms Compatibility:

The best features of this app are not limited to just Whatsapp, we use it successfully for Facebook and Instagram. If you are not just a WhatsApp user and use other applications like Line, Telegram, Skype, Kick, Viber, etc, you can enjoy all the features of this app. You do not need to open these apps one by one and check the latest activity, you just need to go to one place and check the latest progress. Along with the mobile, it can be used on desktop versions as well, which made its use even more delightful.

We started with the monthly deal just as the testing phase but now have switched to the yearly bundle deal of the OgyMogy app. Employee monitoring apps are a wonderful addition to the business sector especially in those that involve digital marketing activities. Make sure to install the app on the company-owned device.

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