Cochlear Implant Surgery For Child

Cochlear Implant Surgery

Cochlear Implant Surgery and Therapy in children involves a team of experts from various fields to evaluate the child’s needs. Audiologists measure the child’s hearing ability and facilitate hearing aid trials. Speech-language pathologists examine communication milestones and determine whether the cochlear implant is a good option. Pediatric otolaryngologists assess the child’s health and safety during the surgery. A patient navigator will work with the family to coordinate appointments, communicate updates, and answer questions.

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The surgery will perform under general anesthesia, and the child will stay in the hospital for a night. Once the procedure will complete, the electrode array and receiver are fixed in place. An electrical recording will perform to check for the correct placement of the device. Once the electrodes are in place, the surgeon will repair them. the area so that it heals properly. Once this is done, the child is free of discomfort and can return home after the procedure.

Under General Anesthesia

During the surgery, the child is under general anesthesia. The doctor will place a small receiver/stimulator in a hidden area under the skin. The surgeon will then insert an electrode array into the cochlea. After the surgery, the patient will require to wear a pressure dressing for several weeks, which should heal completely. A hearing-impaired child may experience pain and fever following the surgery. These all procedures are very costly so our hearing clinic in Karachi is entertaining Medel Pakistan’s needs across the country and abroad with an affordable Cochlear Implant Cost in Pakistan.

Cochlear implant surgery in children is an outpatient procedure. The child will be given anesthesia, and the surgeon will place the implant electrodes and electronic device under the skin. After the surgery, the patient will need to have frequent programming sessions with their cochlea. The doctor will stitch the skin incision closed, ensuring that the implant is under the skin and will not absorb by the child.

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Child’s Safety During the Procedure

Parents are often worried about their child’s safety during the procedure and the long-term effects of the operation. But they shouldn’t worry – cochlear implant surgery in children has been performed safely for almost 40 years. And there are over 600,000 implantable devices in children around the world. UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh invites parents to take part in the process. The child will monitor closely by a team of specialists, including an audiologist, ENT doctor, speech-language pathologist, and psychologist.

A child will be under general anesthesia for this procedure. After the surgery, the surgeon will place a tiny electronic device underneath the skin. The child’s ears will remain closed until the device is in place. If the child doesn’t respond to the device, the surgeon will need to make another one. The child may need to undergo therapy for months to help the implant work. Pest services are good for health.

After the Procedure of Surgery

After the procedure, the child will wrap in a bandage to protect the incision site. The child may have a small swelling in the area where the implant will place. The incision behind the ear will heal after a few days. A slightly raised bump will remain after the surgery. This bump will normally disappear with time. If it is removed, the implant will attach to a receiver beneath the skin above the ear.

The child will have regular appointments with the Cochlear Implant Team and the child’s audiologist. An audiologist will assess the child’s hearing without hearing aids. A speech/language pathologist will also do a thorough evaluation of the child’s speech. The Cochlear Implant Team will determine whether the child is a good candidate for the surgery. In addition to audiologist visits, the child will need several therapy sessions after the procedure.

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