What Do You Know about lina sardar khil

On December 20, 2021, 3-year-old lina sardar khil vanished from her San Antonio, Texas, apartment building. For an unknown period of time, her mother abandoned her at the playground. According to the police chief, her parents reported her missing around 7:15 p.m., or nearly two hours later.

The Disturbing Case of Missing 3 Year Old Lina Sardar Khil.

A mother had her 3 year old daughter Lina missing from her house for more than a month. The police said that it was a case of abduction, but when they searched the family home and the parents’ mobile phone records, they found nothing. The missing Lina’s mother, who is also a nurse, admitted that she took her daughter away. She said that she didn’t know that if she left her child alone in the house, she would be liable to punishment by law. When the police questioned the child’s father, he admitted that his wife had not been at work for over a month. He also said that he had been seeing another woman and had not told

What’s Lina real age?

Despite having a claimed age of 3, Lina appears to be approximately 5 or 6 years old in her photographs. The lack of birth certificates in isolated communities and the propensity of some immigrants to register their children as being younger than their true age may be the causes of this disparity. The earliest known photograph of her was taken in 1887 at an unknown location in China, where she was a student at a school for girls. See also Chinese emigration to the United States History of Asian Americans in Los Angeles References Further reading External links Lina’s profile on the website of the U.S. Census Bureau Category:1877 births Category:People from Guangdong Category:American people of Chinese descent Category:Year of death missing Category:

Where’s Lina’s mother and why has her identity not been revealed?

Every time a child goes missing, the parents are carefully looked into. Lina’s mother may not have been on camera, but she must have given the police lengthy interviews. She will be a person of interest because she was the last person to be with Lina.She has a criminal history, and she had a prior relationship with one of the men who were arrested for the crime. The police investigation would not have been complete without talking to her.

What happened lina sardar khil at the playground?

Lina is captured on camera at the park up until 4:49 p.m.. At which point new footage begins at 5:07, by which time she has already left. The 18-minute gap in the video they’ve collected from the apartment building the afternoon she vanished is where FBI investigators are seeking to focus their attention. The girl’s parents. David and Louise Turpin, were arrested Tuesday morning at their home in Perris, California, and charged with torture, child abuse and false imprisonment. The couple was held on $9 million bail. Authorities had been searching for Lina since her parents took her away from school without permission last week. She went missing around the time of her 13th birthday. The Turpins told investigators that they had never seen the girl before, but that they had adopted her when she was a baby.

Why did her mom leave her alone?

Everyone has this question on their thoughts. Who leaves a 3-year-old unattended at a park for over 20 minutes. It’s unknown if other families with kids were also in the park at the time. Was Lina engaging in play? That information hasn’t been made public by the police. Lina’s mother would have felt at ease leaving her there for a short while if there were other families or friends there. If it was intentional, then I don’t think it’s good parenting. If it wasn’t. Then they just need to be more aware of their child. Parents need to monitor their children constantly. Yes it is. It’s called negligent homicide. And it carries a sentence of 1-15 years in prison. It’s not like she left the child alone at the park. She left her with the child’s grandmother who is the one that should be charged for neglect and abuse.

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