Best 7 Budget Mobile Applications for 2021


One of the most outstanding Satisfactory elements of the Mobile Applications we have acquired is
Budget Apps. Budget Mobile Applications grant us the acquaintance of our financial spending and
classifies expenses, giving us the full knowledge and ability to be financially steady and intelligent.
Accordingly, the development in the technologies-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning withstand
setting solid settlements in automating these Budgeting Apps to the next level. As a result, Budgeting
Apps defends improvement with the current technologies.
Most Users have low intuitions about the cost to build an app; the more money spent, the more
advancements the app will hold. These accompanying budget apps below have one of the highest
investments and are integrated with upgraded technologies:

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Best Budget Applications

1. PocketGuard

A free Budgeting App, PocketGuard, connects to your checking, credit, and saving accounts and detects
your recurrent bills and income. Shows the availability of money for daily expenditures by deducting
upcoming bills, saving goals contributions, and pre-budgeting money from your projected pay. One of
the appreciable features of this app is robotically categorizing expenses, yet also providing you the
opportunity to create your own custom categories and put down limits for them.

Essential Things to Know About PocketGuard

It’s tough to track down your expenses and pinout spending regions where you can save money. Though
Budgeting can be a vital step to meet your financial goals, luckily, PocketGuard got that part covered.
Cost to build an app like, PocketGuard, or any other is comparatively higher than most other Apps
because apps like these uses the latest technology, software, and tools to be made.
If you’re thinking about using PocketGuard, here are some things to know:
What is PocketGuard? A personal finance application that aims at helping you to track down your money
flow, enhance your expenses, and strengthen your savings constantly.
How Does PocketGuard Work? PocketGuard works by being linked to your checking, credit, and saving
accounts. Additionally, keeping your data protected with 256-bit encryption, a similar level of security
renowned banks use.

2. Mint

Mint will be linked up to your financial accounts, tracking and categorizing your transactions. When you
exceed your budget in a specific category, then an alert shows up notifying you of any suspicious
transactions. Moreover, Mint features in tracking all your bills in one place, presenting easy usage, and
also prompts notification of your upcoming due payments as reminder. Giving free access to all these
features for Users. As a result, Mint can be one of the decent choices for managing your finance
This app comes in handy in settling your financial status properly. By adjusting your budget accordingly. The notifying feature is a plus if you don’t open this app to check
or set your financial requirement.

3. YNAB (You Need a Budget)

There exist great Apps for Budgeting. But, YNAB intends to be for devoted Users only. YNAB is based on
zero-based budgeting systems. A plan must be set for every dollar you earn. We can take advantage of
many fascinating schemes after the financial investment. You can intersect bank accounts just like the
other budgeting apps discussed above. Besides, you can also customize your expenditure categories.
YNAB involves paying $84 yearly, or $11.99 monthly, after using its 34 days free trial version.
Further, YNAB improves its brilliance by delivering:
Customized expenditure categories
Zero-based Budgeting
Plan for every dollar
34 days free trial

4. EveryDollar

Like other budgeting Apps, EverDollar also provides you the basic Budgeting facilities like tracking your
spending and planning for procurements. Like YNAB App, this app also inclines to be zero-based
Budgeting (a process for equating expenses and income). It is also possible to manually include a
transaction in your budget when you spend money with the free version. Additionally, the premium
version of EverDollar (Ramsey + ) is also purchasable. The upgraded version lets you connect to your bank
accounts for further efficient usage with multiple beneficial tools in hand.
After 14 days of the free trial, EverDollar (Ramsey + ), the Upgraded version costs:
$129.99 per year

5. Goodbudget

Goodbudget helps you make detailed spending categories of your pay. Above all, one of the essential
features of the GoodBudget App is that multiple devices can share the same account so that any family
members can share a budget. Similarly, this app also has many premium versions enabling numerous
spending categories, unlike the free version, which consents to one account and limits spending

Indeed, Good budget’s App envelope system is one of the supreme sauces. An envelope system allows
you to portion out your pay virtually and physically manage your payments to different spending

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How the envelope system works:

Firstly, sort the type of expenses you consume into groups.
Secondly, each group must have a tag, where the amount to be spent in this section must be inscribed.
Thirdly, form a 50/30/20 budget plan, which is equally vital in crafting the best budget plan. In other
words, 50/30/20 means you put about 50% of your pay after-tax towards basic needs like groceries and
rent, approximately 30% to outings and travel, and no less than 20% to debts payments and savings.

6. Honeydue

Honeydue is new released budgeting App of 2021 where you and your partner can see not only
including bank accounts but also financial pictures, credit cards, investments, and loans in one spot.
Nevertheless, it can let you choose and limit the sharing with your partners, unlike other budgeting
Apps. Honeydue also notifies you of the upcoming bills and allows you to send emojis and chat.
If you seek a budgeting app that you and your companion could use, Honeydue is a fit choice. You and
your partner’s financial accounts can be linked to make each transaction visible for both. Further, it
reminds of upcoming dues and provides a household budget to set limits for specific categories.

7. Personal Capital

Mainly, Personal Capital App gets used as an investment tool. Spending like other budgeting apps. This Budgeting App permits you to observe savings, checking, credit
card account, mortgages, and loans. In Addition, it customizes the spending categories to display the
total monthly expenses in percentage.
Seemingly, YNAB and EverDollar Budgeting App use a zero-based budgeting system. Zero-based
Budgeting inspires to use every penny for Budgeting. Therefore, the main plan in zero-based Budgeting,
given income minus your given expenditure, should equal zero.
Zero-based Budgeting assigns you to all of your money and expenses, debt payments, and saving. By the
end of the month, its goal shows substantial triumph in equating zero, in mathematical terms:
Income – expenditure = 0 (zero)


The speedy advancement in Budgeting Apps is growing exponentially. Mobile app development
company such as Cubix has also made prodigious endearments in making such technically enhanced
applications using the up-to-date means of technologies-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of Pakistan use these budgeting Apps as these Budgeting Apps be
helpful in fine-tuning your financial rank. With this app, you can reach your desired goals, and the
enhancement of this budgeting app will allow you to save maximum from your minimum income, which
would be epic, by the way.

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