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A Basic Guide to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

Owning quality Leather Shoes is a must-have for all classy men, but quality footwear also calls for regular care and maintenance. Investing in a pair of premium formal leather shoes demonstrates one’s sense of fashion, personal preference, and dedication to donning only the best and most supportive footwear. These leather shoes are dependable, fashionable, and robust. Though its overall toughness and appearance are remarkable, they still need some amount of protection and care.


Your priceless leather shoes might get worn and dull if you are not attentive to taking proper care of them. The most painful experience would be witnessing your most costly leather shoes wear off over time. As with skin, leather is resilient but not everlasting when exposed to harsh surfaces or substances. But as human skin is living and receives nutrition from the body, the leather on your shoes only gets the nutrition you give it. It cannot heal itself and is readily harmed in other ways, such as drying out or over-absorbing water.

Losing its natural oils and moisture causes leather to become less flexible, and the fibrous interweave will begin to fracture and finally collapse. As soon as this occurs, it is lost and needs to be replenished.

Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

So your favorite pairs of formal leather shoes may need to be thrown out if you are not taking the proper precautions to reduce deterioration. However, if you put in a little more work and adhere to a good shoe care routine, you can keep your shoes looking as good as new. 

In exchange for a little of your time and a few other items, leather maintenance will ensure that they last for decades. So that you may enjoy your purchase year after year. It’s a wise idea to introduce yourself to the correct leather shoe maintenance guide. So here are some useful guides and tips for formal leather shoes for men to maintain the shine and keep them looking at their best.


The easiest and maybe most crucial step in shoe maintenance is to keep them clean. Uphold excellent cleaning practices, always remove dirt from shoes, and adhere to a weekly or biweekly cleaning schedule. However, the process varies based on the kind of leather used to make your shoes.

Before cleaning, you should take out the laces and put the shoe trees in your shoes. So regardless of the kind of leather, after each wear, give the shoe a short clean with a soft brush or microfiber cloth to ensure it is free of dust and dirt. By doing this, you can avoid having to deal with stains in the future since dirt and filth won’t continue to ingrain themselves into the leather over time.

The shoe’s surface should next be cleaned with light soap and a moist towel if the leather has a finish. Use a cloth instead of a sponge since many of them contain chemicals that can leak out and harm the leather. Use saddle soap if the leather is unfinished as it contains a wax that will help seal and preserve unfinished leather, and then allow it to dry naturally. If your leather shoes have salt or water stains, use a solution of water with white vinegar and wipe the afflicted areas until the spots are gone.


To maintain the leather and achieve a high shine finish, leather uppers need to be regularly treated with a high-quality wax polish. Shoe dye degrades over time due to exposure to light and water. Your favorite pair of shoes develop little leather bits that detract from their charm. This is where polish comes into play. Shoe polish adds a layer of defense to resist water and dust while also hydrating the leather.

Mainly there are two options to choose your polish from. Wax or Cream Polish. Cream polish gives you a natural look on your leather shoes and is more moisturizing than wax. Wax polish provides somewhat more protection and sheen, but it might be more drying. The choice depends on the finishing you want on your leather shoes. Check out this Shoe Conditioner Kit for information. 

Before applying any polish, make sure your shoes are completely dry. Apply a little amount of polish on the shoe in circles while keeping mild pressure. Apply the polish until the entire shoe is coated and wipe off any excess. For this job, a soft cloth or horsehair brush works well. Make sure the polish color complements the shade of your shoes.

Shoe Trees

Utilizing shoe trees is the single most crucial thing you can do to maintain the form and aesthetic appeal of your shoes. Inserts that mimic a human foot are known as shoe trees. Without support, leather can become distorted, especially if it gets even slightly damp. Instead of a shoe tree, you can use wadded-up newspaper to absorb moisture, but it won’t do as much to maintain the form of the shoes.

A shoe tree maintains the shoe’s normal form to avoid creasing while absorbing moisture and odor. Getting a shoe tree that fits well in your shoe and is made out of any wood (preferably cedar), is going to do the job. Why cedarwood? It has the perfect characteristics—it maintains its form, manages moisture properly, and smells well.

Weather Proofing

To prevent water damage to your leather shoes, waterproof your footwear, especially in wet weather. Waterproofing spray accomplishes precisely what its name implies it should. They defend leather shoes against their greatest foe, bad weather. Use caution while using any spray. Sprays that claim to dry “instantly” and silicone both cause more harm than benefit. Beeswax-based weatherproofing solutions also offer a strong seal against the weather. To protect your leather shoes in damp weather, put on a pair of galoshes especially if you live in a wet area and have a lot of walking to do. The majority of the moisture and salt may be avoided.


Owning at least two pairs of quality shoes for everyday use is simply a necessity. After spending the whole day on your feet, the leather absorbs the moisture coming from the sweat on your feet and wet leather is more likely to become stained, stretched, creased, and scuffed which can result in losing its flexibility and durability. You could find yourself in the rain after which the shoes must be allowed to dry naturally. So giving your leather shoes rest for at least a day might help them last longer.


In addition to extending the life of leather shoes, correct storage is also crucial. Your shoes can easily get covered in dust if they are kept open without any protection which may lead to staining and degradation. When leather is in the sunlight, it ages more quickly. Light from the sun can cause dryness and cracks. If kept out of the sun, it will deteriorate naturally over time.

There should also be some ventilation in leather shoes.

Leather needs to be able to let air through, so it is never a good idea to keep your leather shoes in plastic or shopping bags. Instead, pick a breathable option like a fabric dust bag. Make sure you have cleaned your shoes if you plan to store them for a longer period or else the dirt or stain can leave a permanent mark when you take them out for use again. When storing your shoes, use shoe trees. They’ll absorb sweat’s moisture and stop bacterial development. Additionally, it might aid in preserving the form of your shoes and minimizing creases.

You must regularly take care of your formal leather shoes. They may easily last you a lifetime if you take excellent care of them. You have spent a good amount of money on your shoes, and they deserve to be well taken care of. Although there are other measures you can take, such as applying a leather conditioner or taking your shoes to a cobbler for restoration, as long as you take proper care of them, they should easily last you for many years. We hope that all of these maintenance guides and tips. For formal leather shoes for men will help you maintain their excellence.

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