6 Steps to Take After Losing a Car Key

Misplacing your car key can sometimes come with anxiety and unnecessary hassles. At the same time, replacing your lost car key can be an expensive and tedious process. That’s why acquainting yourself with basic tips you should take whenever you lose your car key is critical. In this article, you should learn the top six steps to follow after losing a car key.

Below are the top six steps you should take when your car keys are lost.

1. Gather Your Car Information

This should be the primary step to take whenever you lose your car keys. Keenly collect the following important information about your car include:

  • Car make and model
  • Car’s VIN number- familiar with vehicles with a key fob which involves an auto key programming mechanism for any unlocking process.

Those mentioned above are the most helpful information an automobile locksmith will require to unlock and reprogram your car. That’s why you should always ensure to provide the correct car details and avoid mismatching your car key with the wrong one. Also, the above information are necessary requirements by any local auto shop dealer for the unlocking of the car and key replacement.

2. Ask for Help From An Automotive Locksmith

An automobile locksmith is specialized in unlocking cars and replacing the car key. Any time you miss your car key, locate an automotive locksmith near. You can use google for faster and more reliable outsourcing of a locksmith. A car locksmith will also reprogram your vehicle locking system and lock out lost keys from accessing your car.

Alternatively, you may also choose to conduct a physical checkout at any auto shop and get assisted in unlocking your car by a locksmith technician or car locksmith in Fort Worth for immediate assistance.

3. Contact The Police

If you suspect someone stole your car keys, it is advisable to always report the case to the nearest police station near you. Filing a case at your local authority can also help solve issues of other missing items, such as identity cards or bank credit cards, stolen at the same time your car keys were stolen.

In addition, a police report is essential when you decide to file a theft claim with your insurance company requesting for compensation. Expect your insurer to press for a police report anytime you seek compensation.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

If your car keys get missing while you are within areas where you cannot reach an automobile locksmith, know that your car insurance may incur towing fees. Similarly, most insurance companies cover charges levied by locksmiths for unlocking your car. And so, depending on the initial agreements with your car insurer, you should contact your insurance company to unburden the costs.

Remember, most coverage on vehicle lockout is applicable mainly on roadside assistance with varying terms and conditions on the limit of the range. Check out your car insurer for more detailed information.

5. Buy A New Set Of Keys

Visit a car dealer with the right equipment and skills for key making. However, if your car has key fobs that automate the lock system of your vehicle, then you must visit your car dealer for key replacement and reprogramming of the entire lock chain.

Meanwhile, suppose your car has a chip and transponder key secured with radio frequency identification (RFID). In that case, you visit any dealer with adequate knowledge and the right tools for replacement. But in some rare cases, you’ll have to see the car dealer for assistance. Even though this process is the most tedious and costly option, it will guarantee future backups just in case you miss another car key.

6. Contact Your Breakdown Service

This step is mainly applicable to rural-based cars. Suppose you lost your car keys while at your rural home; contact your local breakdown service provider for quick and practical assistance. Usually, breakdown service providers extend their services to automobile locksmiths.

With this service, you can be assured of a mobile team, readily available, and quality expertise. Remember your insurance may pay for the costs depending on the initial agreements.

Generally, losing your car keys can be heartbreaking and stressful. However, with the right help from automobile locksmiths and car dealers, you can regain access to your car effortlessly. Simply locate a car locksmith near you and provide the correct car details for key replacement and lock system reprogramming.

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