Which EMR should you choose between Nextgen or AdvancedMD?

Are you looking for an EMR or wish to change your practice’s EMR? Let us help you by giving you a thorough review of the well-known EMR Nextgen and AdvancedMD products now on the market. So, let’s get started. 

Can Nextgen handle administrative and clinical Activities more effectively than current EMRs? 

NextGen EMR system manages clinical and administrative functions, including appointment scheduling and revenue administration, and is intended for multi-specialty and single-specialty clinics. In addition, more extensive ambulatory facilities can benefit from NextGen Enterprise’s powerful features, which include practice management, charting, telemedicine, a patient portal, analytics, and more. As a result, it increases overall revenue and patient satisfaction while saving practitioners time and enabling them to deliver accurate, high-quality healthcare. In addition, workflows and mobile apps improve productivity. 

An intuitive system like NextGen EMR can make managing patient data and your whole practice easier. The system can be used whichever best suits your organization because it is made to be modified. The system can accommodate any business model thanks to its adaptability, whether you provide inpatient or outpatient care, have many sites, or are just starting your practice. NextGen is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to the industry and its readiness to customize solutions to meet customers’ needs. 

A Glance at Some of its Characteristics  

  •  The integrated medical software package NextGen EMR is all-inclusive. Tools for patient involvement, medical billing, practice administration, electronic health records, and more are included. Practice management: This part keeps track of your practice’s financial data. It enables you to adjust staff members’ availability or schedules, set up appointments, view what has been billed and paid, and consider what has been billed. 
  • Patient Charts: You can access patient charts uploaded by clinicians treating patients at your practice location using the Electronic Health Record (EHR) (s). To these charts, you can immediately add notes or codes for diagnoses. 
  • Clinical Notes: By providing personalized clinical notes to clinical specialists, NextGen EMR handles the clinical aspect of a medical services organization. It provides a robust content engine and a library of custom formats to simplify patient documentation. 
  • E-Prescribing: This EMR function includes a comprehensive database of drug interactions, unintended side effects, and supporting tools. It then informs clients if any potential prescription collaborations or sensitivities might occur. 

How Much Does NextGen EMR Cost? How Does It Treat Customers? 

The implementation costs of your EMR and the other EMRs in our roundup can be compared. Implementation is quick and straightforward with NextGen’s cloud-based EMR; it takes two months or less to go live. This is a priority for busy providers, so you’ll have access to 24-hour customer service throughout this period. Although not the most user-friendly, the software is affordable, costing between $299 and $549 per provider each month. 

A simple-to-use system like NextGen EMR can assist you in managing patient data and your clinic. The system is customizable, so you can utilize it in any way your business finds most compelling. Due to its adaptability, the system may be used with any business model, regardless of whether you provide inpatient or outpatient care, have many locations, or are just starting your practice. Additionally, NextGen is renowned for its cutting-edge marketing strategy and willingness to customize solutions to customers’ demands. Customers come first in this business, and efforts are made to satisfy their needs. As a result, it provides a continuum of care for patients and options for big hospitals and tiny medical offices. 

NextGen EMR: Pros and Cons 

 In contrast to more extensive practices or specialty practices, NextGen EMR is best for small medical practices and solo practitioners.  

Pros: This software is suitable for small practices, is simple to use, and has an excellent clientele. 

Cons: Expensive, especially when considering the price of assistance if you’re a solitary practitioner and the cost of training. And not appropriate for large or specialist practices —but then again, what would EMR be? 

Is the AdvancedMD EMR a better option? 

AdvancedMD EMR is a cloud-based solution used mainly by Small and medium medical offices. Utilizing the software, it is possible to plan appointments, manage patient records, and remind patients of their appointments. Additionally, it has a system for organizing your medicines that enables you to renew them online without physically going to the pharmacy. AdvancedMD also has an email feature for patients who would instead communicate with their doctors or other staff members. 

This completely integrated system has several features that may be altered to meet your and your patient’s needs. This feature will enable you to do so while still ensuring that everyone else has access when they most need it, such as in an emergency involving one of their loved ones being treated by someone else. In addition, if you wish to keep more information about specific types of visits or diagnoses private from certain individuals (such as other doctors in your practice), this feature will allow you to do so. 

Features of the AdvancedMD EMR that can help you run a better practice 

  • Practice administration  
  • digital health records  
  • Prior approval and automated claims processing for CMS 1500 and ICD-10 compliant bills are all part of medical billing. Providing patients with access to an online portal called MyChart Connect so they may view their medical records whenever they want from a desktop computer or mobile device is another way to add value. This helps us increase compliance with the requirements established by the Affordable Care Act, which not only increases customer happiness with our services (ACA). 
  • Tools for interacting with patients include booking appointments through emails or social media posts, reminding them via text messages of upcoming appointments, and adding pictures to patient charts via image recognition software. 

Price and customer service of AdvancedMD EMR 

For $699 per provider per month, NextGen offers a fully functional EMR system. Unfortunately, the vendor does not provide a stand-alone medical practice management software licensing option. 

AdvancedMD EMR: Pros and Cons 

The EMR software from AdvancedMD provides a full range of services with extensive clinical capabilities that can be tailored to fit the needs of both small and large practices. You can easily manage every part of your company with this platform, including appointment scheduling and patient care management. In addition, it has a “smart dashboard” for prioritization, workflow components, and alerts to keep things organized at work. 

Because it provides one-stop capabilities for healthcare professionals looking to expand their practice model into alternative care environments like walk-in clinics or urgent care facilities, AdvancedMD has become a leader in telemedicine integration (with over 300 locations nationwide). In addition, patients can schedule appointments online with its online scheduling service. 

Final thought! 

 Ultimately, the selection between Nextgen and AdvancedMD EMR depends on your decision. We recommend it to you. The EMR we accept, NextGen, is ideal for small offices and provides swift execution and first-rate customer service. Your staff will gain from the free training provided by the business, which will help them become accustomed to the framework. After your go-live date, you can be sure that a company representative will assist you if you have any questions or technical problems. Furthermore, NextGen consistently provides first-rate customer service. While AdvancedMD is a good alternative if you’re searching for a user-friendly, integrated system with many features.

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