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5 Best Ways to Give an Expensive Gift on Your First Anniversary

Gifting your partner is a wonderful way of sparking your relationship. While gifting is fun and exciting, it can also cause some anxiety. But you shouldn’t sweat it because we are here to help you make your partner or loved one happy.

When gifting your partner, be sure to tell them why you chose that specific gift. This grants you the opportunity to show them the thoughts and love that went into choosing that gift. Your thoughtful and loving explanation as to why you chose the gift may mean more than the actual gift.

It’s an opportunity to show them how well you know them. Through a well-thought gift, you can let your partner know how they make you feel. You only need to be speaking from the heart.

Ways to Give an Expensive Gift on the First Anniversary

Most couples don’t hold back when celebrating one year into their marriage. The first-anniversary milestone is a testament to the love and devotion that happy partners feel towards each other.

No matter the kind of anniversary you have, whether you plan a party or invite a few friends. Both wife and husband are generally expected to give each other anniversary gifts.

With a lot of options for anniversary gifts, you may not know where to begin when planning to gift your partner. This article will help you know how to presenting your gift

1.   Create a Romantic Atmosphere Before Your First Anniversary Presenting the Gift

As a relationship matures and grows into a marriage, a lot of responsibilities get attached to it. The most important responsibility is to keep it loving and caring. That’s where anniversary celebrations come in. If you’re celebrating your first anniversary, a romantic gift is a perfect idea. It’s a wonderful reminder of why you fell in love in the first place.

So whether you present the gift in private or public, be sure to set the mood. If you’re at home, some flowers and candles with music in the background will create an intimate mood. If you’re giving the gift in public, choose a place with dim lighting and a romantic vibe. Wine or champagne will be a bonus in whatever scenario.

Choosing an atmosphere that works for your partner is very important. To make your gift presentation better, make sure you add a personal touch to the present. If you are planning to give a diamond ring, you can choose to customize this to ensure that she’ll be thinking of you while wearing it. A diamond ring as a gift goes perfectly when the plan involves romantic and grand gestures.

You can, for instance, get your initials engraved on her new lab-created diamond ring. Remember that diamonds are timeless. As such, the diamond ring and the romantic atmosphere will help to make your first anniversary celebration memorable.

2.   Present the Gift While on Vacation Your First Anniversary

Do you remember when you had your first vacation? Make sure that they remember it. Write down your favorite memories during the trip on small slips of paper. Then place them in a pretty jar. Include some blank slips of paper in the jar to continue the tradition with memories from the vacation.

If you think your partner will prefer a weekend trip to a beach destination, plan a honeymoon in advance. Choose a nice destination and take her for that much-needed vacation. Going on such trips will help you make lifetime memories as a couple.

The first step should be deciding on what kind of trip you’d like to have. This should be based on whether you want to go somewhere warm and tropical, or a destination with a cold climate. Make sure that your preferred vacation fits into your budget. Then go ahead and start planning for it.

3.   Get a Delivery Person to Give Your Partner the Gift

Your wife might already be expecting a gift for the upcoming anniversary and logically, she thinks you will present it. That’s where you can introduce some changes that will lead to a happy surprise. Find someone that she will never imagine giving her a gift such as a tennis bracelet.

You can use gift sending services to give her the gift either at work or at home. This will make the surprise more special. This idea is also beneficial if you work far away from home or abroad.

It saves you from the hassle of going through all the procedures to ensure the gift gets to her in time. You just select the gift from an assortment of options and let the gift sending services do the rest. They will take care of the boxing, shipping, and insurance, just in case.

It’s crucial to know which type of tennis bracelet will make your relationship stronger. That’s before taking the step to purchase one for your partner. A diamond tennis wristlet, for instance, is a symbol of love.

4.   Choose the Time of Day That Works Best to Gift Your Partner

You may see your partner on the morning of your anniversary. However, giving a romantic gift may work better at nightfall. But if your husband prefers early morning to be the dreamiest time of the day, that would defeat the romantic atmosphere of an evening date.

Remember that every couple is different. So take note of your personal style when planning the presentation. What’s important is for you to decide when your husband would most appreciate the gift.

If he loves the gym, a heart rate monitor is an example of a perfect first-anniversary gift. He may want to check his heart rate for various reasons. It could be to improve his athletic performance. It could also help with managing stress levels to track his heart health. This way, the gift is both sentimental and useful.

5.   Give Them the Gift in Good Time Your First Anniversary

We all know how important it is to spend time with loved ones. So be sure to make your gift a commitment to spend time with your friend before the day of the anniversary. You can then give her that air fryer before the anniversary day. That’s because they’ll want to spend the anniversary day with their partner.

Air Fryers have become one of the most used kitchen appliances, and for good reason. They make cooking cleaner and easier. This makes it an even better gift for a foodie couple’s kitchen. And if you know the couple well, make sure you don’t give them an appliance they already have.

Remember that it’s important to stay organized to avoid any wrong timings when giving your friend this gift. If, for instance, the anniversary is on a sunday and their parents will be visiting, consider presenting your gift on a saturday or friday. If you planned to give the gift over coffee after work but they’re having a rough day, consider giving it earlier to cheer them up.


So you’ve bought an expensive gift for your partner or a friend celebrating their first anniversary. And can’t wait to see their face when they open it. While the recipient may remain oblivious, your anticipation builds until that time when you surprise them.

But if you want to do it in an out-of-the-box manner, you will not settle on presenting it without any fanfare. You can have a lot of fun with the reveal itself, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of extra effort. You will also be giving them a story to tell every time they remember.

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