Why You Should Prepare Your Truck for 2022 Hurricane Season

There are usually around 10 hurricanes each year during the hurricane season. When they strike, whole communities can end up underwater, with water rising by intervals of feet. Winds can blow into the hundreds of miles per hour and take down everything from power lines to telephone poles to homes. There are auto accessories and parts that you can get to better prepare your truck for the upcoming hurricane season.

The National Weather Service describes a hurricane as “among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena.” When winds are blowing at a sustained speed for hours and the rain is torrential, conditions are not only hard to move in, they’re hard to see in. You might not count on the ability to perform work on anything outside of your shelter and keep your truck close, and loaded with your emergency supplies.

Unexpected Flooding

That hurricanes come from the ocean means that the land that it’s striking is low land, close to sea level. There have been plenty of hurricanes where parts of the landfall briefly below sea level as when a high tide meets a swelling ocean. At that point, rivers and streams are flooding over, potentially washing away roads and bridges.

If you live in a hurricane, or flood, zone, try to make sure that you have alternate routes to the highways, or instead of them. You might study the closest safe zones, according to the storm’s track, and create multiple routes there.

Inspect Your Truck Accessories

Tonneau covers are assets for any season. They can help to minimize the risk of lost or damaged cargo and theft. They can also help you save money on fuel because they seal the bed of the pickup truck from airflow. Which improves aerodynamics. They can also prevent damage to the bed of the truck, as the strong, tight cover will prevent most things from penetrating.

A truck bed organizer is something that can be incredibly helpful when you need to store as much as you can to get ready for a big weather event. From deck storage to Putco Molle panels to slide panels, organizers not only maximize your space. But there are loads of different formatting options to choose from. Depending on what sort of things you’ll be packing.

Roads Will Be Blocked

A big difference between a hurricane and just a big storm is the level of infrastructure damage that is incurred. If there’s one thing that hurricanes are capable of besides big wind. It’s the potential for flooding. Often. It comes suddenly and quickly and before you know it. Roads are covered or even washed away. Hurricanes in the Florida Keys have broken roads apart and sent them into the sea.

When flooding is an issue where you live, your aim is to keep your people and things safe from damage from wind and water. Retrofitting your truck to deal with hurricane conditions can save you headaches, keep you safe and keep your truck running and mobile. Visit an auto parts store online or walk on in today to check out the parts and accessories that can keep your truck driving through whatever mother nature puts in your path.

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