What is a Kevlar helmet?

Kevlar helmet

Kevlar (bullet resistant) helmets are helmets designed to provide protection in combat situations. Like most military equipment, the tactical helmet has its origins in the military and is now widely used by law enforcement agencies. To buy a Kevlar helmet (aka ballistic helmet) that can effectively resist bullets, you should know the types of bulletproof helmets, their advantages and disadvantages.

The best Kevlar helmets

  • Legacy MICH Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA;
  • Batlskin Viper A3 Level IIIA bulletproof helmet;
  • Danish special operations helmet of protection group IIIA.

Modern helmets use lighter materials such as Kevlar & carbon fibre. They are designed to resist gunfire, are padded for comfort and fit, and are shaped for maximum effectiveness and improved ergonomics.

These new ballistic helmets can be fitted with a variety of interchangeable devices, including night vision optics, cameras, torches, audio equipment and communication devices.

Kevlar ballistic helmet: test and selection criteria

Gone are the days of using half-stop systems and nylon straps in bullet proof helmets. Most companies today use their own padding and suspension systems to create more advanced ballistic helmets.

Some of the more recent features of bulletproof helmets include:

  • Velcro fasteners for the modular end-user.
  • Appropriate padding that fits perfectly to a person’s head.
  • Moisture absorbing materials to limit bacterial growth.
  • Increased comfort and safety.
  • Locking system – Adjusting strap and handle on the back of the helmet.

How effective are Kevlar helmets on the battlefield?

A helmet with Kevlar bullet protection is designed to protect. Its wearer against a variety of battlefield. Threats such shrapnel. arrows. shrapnel. Explosions, etc. In a short burst, the bulletproof helmet protects the skull from the danger of being blown apart and damaging the brain. Or accident. The ballistic helmet secures the head.

How do you care for a tactical (ballistic) helmet?

The care of a tactical helmet can actually be quite difficult. if you are using. It for the first time. To make the process easier for you, here’s what you should do after you take it off:

  • Clean the Kevlar helmet with mild soap or clean water using a soft brush. It’s rinse and air Dry completely Dry.
  • The helmet attachment system should be cleaned and rinsed with fresh water and mild soap.
  • Remove the buckle inserts. If they are made of semi-permeable material, squeeze all moisture from them. The wash with soap. And water. Rinse and dry in a shaded area.

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