Types of Baby Toys and Accessories You Can Buy for Your Kids

When we talk about babies, we have different things that come to our mind. Some may imagine newborn babies, some might think of preschoolers, or some may think of babies that are still in the tummy of their mom. But nonetheless, this article can provide baby toys and accessories according to their age.


Newborn Babies

These babies cannot accurately perceive with their senses so what they touch, see, or hear are just reliably based on instinct but they would like to use toys that are shaky, shiny, and that they could lift it. 

These toys can be those:

  • rattlers that they can shake
  • squeezy toys for their auditory sensory and even 
  • textured balls for them to feel and to play with. 


Young Infants


These are babies probably at the age of 1 to 3 years old. And they are now starting to creep, roll, walk, crawl, or even talk so this is where parents can engage different skills for their baby to develop the babies’ character. These young infants will surely love to play and enjoy everything they touch so be cautious on what surrounds them to avoid injury and wrong teaching on the baby.

Toys are the following: 

  • shape puzzles
  • some children’s books
  • pen and paper to doodle on and 
  • alphabet toys



I know that some babies start preschool at the age of 2 or 3 but at the age of 4 onwards is what I would like to consider since this is the time they are really into studying and this can be the start of their memory and sense of the world. Another thing to remember is physical toys, like sports and running because it is guaranteed that babies this age will play more than just stationery toys since they now learn how to walk and run. Give them safety gears in case they trip or fall over while playing.

Preschoolers can practice these skills:

  • trace drawings
  • reading books
  • write their name
  • have building blocks
  • toys with words on them for labeling or memorization


Key Takeaway


Babies are precious human beings, they are loved by their parents the most and they are taken care of 24/7 so if you are going to give children toys, make sure that these toys are safe and non-hazardous. Meaning these toys are not capable of being swallowed by infants to toddlers. Remember that babies are always curious so they will find and try anything they sense. As parents, quality toys or man-made toys are not a big deal when it comes to a children’s play thing, it just needs to be safe and clean for the baby to enjoy every bit of it.


Regularly check on the baby’s toy to see if there is some damage that may harm the baby so might as well throw it or put it into safety. In this article, gadgets, or electronic toys were not stated to avoid possible medical concerns for the baby, I am not saying that gadgets are bad but gadgets can strain baby eyes, give too much radiation that an infant can’t handle or the internet might provide inappropriate content for the children so give them gadget at the right age with the right counseling about it.

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