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Top Ways to Protect your sofa stain removal Perth

Tips to Protect sofa stain removal Perth

A high-quality sofa comes sofa stain removal Perth at a price and hence you ought to safeguard this purchase carefully for the next few years to maintain its value and its condition. The sofa and your living room space is the most frequented and used space especially if you like to entertain your friends and family usually. There are fat chances that your aunt or mom or child spills some or the other thing on your prized sofa! If there are pets, then that is an addition to the chances of having ugly stains appear on your sofa!

That does not at all mean that you have to cover your lovely sofa and pack it away in one of your storerooms! Read on to know what you need to do to shield your sofa from stains. If still, your kids manage to stain your favourite sofa, then you always have sofa stain removal Perth services at hand!

Purchase the correct fabric 

If you wish to have that lovely lavender sofa, you have to protect it and be very careful with it! You cannot afford to rely on children to not spill anything on it! Go for fabric that has a combination of natural and manmade fibre as that will provide higher durability as well as stain resistance. Artificial fibres tend to be stronger and are resistant to staining as opposed to natural or organic fibres. This is a great combination for homeowners that have kids or senior citizens as these fabrics do not grip on the stain.

There are some beautiful fabrics today that come in a variety of materials, designs and shades. Quality commercial-grade fabric is soft, beautiful and perfect for your home not coarse and ugly as you might expect.

Leather Sofa Stain Protection Perth

Leather is striking and beautiful but you have to also take proper care of it. You will also have to evaluate if it is a useful alternative for your family. Be careful of possessions or beings that might cause cuts, or the stretches that can occur due to use. Certain type of leathers require to be conditioned and fortified with sofa fabric protection service. There are different types of leather protection services that you can opt for your sofa.

Use a stain guard 

Irrespective of whether you opt for a fabric sofa or a leather a stain guard is the most reliable way to protect your sofa from staining. It is important to use an appropriate stain guard for your sofa to protect the sofa from any future staining. This will ease the removal of the stain as and how it occurs.

If you do not want to apply stain guard, then you can opt for sofa fabric protection service from a professional upholstery cleaning company.

Alter your habits 

It is impossible to change your habits and become a completely organized person in a day. But you can definitely bring about some changes in your day-to-day habits that can help protect the sofa from stains. For that, you need to consider forbidding everyone in your house to wine and dine on the sofa. May sound too harsh to your family members, but food and drinks are among the very common reasons for stains.

The additional advantage, being that it is healthier to sit and eat on the dining table. You tend to eat smaller proportions and savour whatever is on your plate. If you tend to snack while watching Netflix on the sofa start using a small table to keep the food on so that you do not keep it on your lap and then drop it everywhere while bingeing.

If your pet is your beloved family member consider buying a small rug for him. That way your pets remain away from your couch and also have their own snug place.

Work on the Stain Faster and do not scour it! 

Do not put off cleaning any stains for later. Clean them as soon as possible after their occurrence before they actually trickle into the deeper portions of the fabric. Lightly take out any residual of the stain that has developed on the top of the fabric’s surface. Use the following tips and tricks to get out stains of the following types easily:

For non-oil based stains: Combine warm water and cleaning soap and apply the solution onto the stained area. Lightly rub in the solution and then clean it dry with a cloth. Then put some cold water onto the cleaned area and lightly dab it dry. Then use a hair dryer, to dry the area from the middle of the stain and way out to stop formation of water rings.

For oil-based stains: You need to use the same steps given before and apply a good cleaning solvent on all sections rather than applying only on the stained area. Sofa fabric protection service experts suggest using hair spray to get rid of oil-based stains!

To reduce the chances of a professional sofa stain removal Perth service, always remember to exercise caution! Also pick the right kind of fabric, apply the stain protection and discontinue drinking or eating anything on the sofa! Vacuum your sofas and upholstery with the upholstery attachment regularly and dab out spills gently, not harshly. Always remember to be careful with the way you sofa stain removal Perth handle your furniture and you are assured to have the prized sofa for a long time at your place! You cans also opt for professional upholstery cleaning services for getting better cleaning outcomes in the long run.

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