Top Steroids Used By Women

Steroids have been in use since the 18th century. These steroids are mainly focused on developing the muscle body mass of a person while eliminating all the body’s fat mass. Steroids are used for appearance purposes only, whereas nowadays, steroids have also been used for many other purposes, such as showing off a person’s athletic tone. 

Males and female athletes have used anabolic androgenic steroids to show their body muscle mass and great fitness. Some of the steroids with their benefits and side effects that women use are mentioned below.


Most popularly known as “Girl’s steroid” and “Oxandrolone,” which women publicly and mostly experience. It is an illegal performance-enhancing drug highly used by female athletes. It can have virilization symptoms in women. Nonetheless, these steroids mainly focus on reducing fat and increasing body muscle mass. It is important to know that the Anavar cycle for women is different compared to men. Thus, you must practice caution.


  • Helps to reduce weight such as fat.

  • Woman uses it to regain weight if they have lost it due to certain medical conditions.

  • It is used to relieve bone pain due to osteoporosis.

  • Most athletes and bodybuilders use this steroid to bulk up their muscles. When they want to tone and strengthen their muscles or increase their strength, they use Anavar.

  •  This anabolic androgenic steroid is responsible for giving a lean, strong, and muscular body.

  • Furthermore, this steroid is also beneficial for treating skin issues like bloats.



Most women take around 5MG to 10MG of dosage per day. They have to use Winstrol, also known as stanozolol, with a good amount of exercise. It is a powerful steroid for muscle building in women, whereas its small dosages are still highly effective. It is recommended that women take two tablets of Winstrol per day, whereas these tablets can also risk side effects. Winstrol has highly effective fat-burning properties, which increase lean muscle mass.


  • Athletic people mainly use Winstrol to get stronger body muscle mass.

  • It boosts the body’s acceleration and metabolism, which helps to reduce weight.

  •  Winstrol is also used to recover faster from workouts or other physical stresses.

  •  Winstrol is also beneficial for increasing the red blood cells, giving the body more oxygen. Therefore, when there are higher oxygen levels in the body, the bodybuilders have more stamina to do more work for an extended period.


Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is also a most famous steroid that is used by women folks. It helps to bulk them up and is mainly used to increase the body’s size and mass. Deca Durabolin became popular during the 70s and 80s as it was the best drug to increase mass for bodybuilding.


  • Deca Durabolin is famous for bulking up and getting huge muscle mass.

  • It helps your muscles blow up and start to look insanely thick.

  • It helps to increase and qualify skin and prevents accelerated aging.

  •  One of the greatest benefits of the Deca Durabolin steroid is that it is used in medication for patients suffering from muscle wasting disorder known as cachexia.



 Anadrol is also known as “Oxymetholone,” an oral steroid. It is most popularly best known for bulking compounds. It is considered unsuitable for women, but on the other hand, many women take it to increase their muscle mass. Women have reported many side effects of using Anadrol. It only suits those women who are well tolerated and can handle strong drugs.


  •  Anadrol is reported to increase testosterone levels in the body, which causes greater muscle growth.

  • It is famously popular to be used by bodybuilders and athletes during the offseason to help them build their body muscles.

  • Researchers have shown that an Anadrol steroid is one of the fastest working steroids. For instance, a person can see an increase in muscle mass by up to 20% within weeks.



Clenbuterol is known for its highly beneficial effects on metabolism, which stimulates the central nervous system, and a person starts to lose weight. There are some side effects to Clenbuterol, but the benefits surely outweigh them. 


  • Helps to increase metabolism, which results in weight loss.

  •  It is proven to increase body temperature.

  •  Clenbuterol is beneficial in increasing stamina by having more airflow moving around the body. When more oxygen is available within the body, a person can perform harder and better at workouts. Hence, many bodybuilders have found clenbuterol essential and the most beneficial steroid.


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