Screen Recording How to Make Money From & Video Editing

Screen recording and editing can produce an image that is fascinating if you decide to create a live broadcast or even create online classes! Discover more information about it now! Let’s talk about screen recordings and editing, digital functions that have become increasingly popular across the Internet.

Recording is a useful instrument if you plan to earn money by selling videos on the Internet. Please learn more about it in this blog and begin using it now!

What is Screen recording

Screen Recording is a digital screen recording made on your computer or mobile screen, typically including audio narration. Screencasts are only one type of instructional video.

Screen recording saves you time from repeatedly answering the same questions, such as how to clip on PC. It’s been proved that 80percent of people remember a video they’ve watched in the last 30 days.

Video Editing:

Once you’ve recorded your screencast, you’ll want to edit some sections, cut them up, and add music. If you’ve employed paid software to record your screencast, you almost have most of these tools within the tool. In contrast, if you’ve utilized a free program, you’ll require a different one to edit your screencast.

Features of iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to record any part of your screen using audio and a face camera. Additionally, it can record HD 4K/1080p videos without lag or time limitation. You can record the following types of videos using the iTop Screen Recorder

  • Record everything on screen
  • Meetings
  • Games
  • Courses and many more.

Making money through screen recording and editing

There are many ways to earn through screen recording and editing. Let’s look at some.

Create a tutorial

With the assistance of a screen recorder, it is recording your screen, guiding viewers on the steps to take to accomplish specific actions. For instance, you could demonstrate the steps to installing WordPress. The most popular applications you could use include Screenflow (Mac exclusively), Camtasia (Mac or PC), and Camstudio (PC only, free).

Record your screen in your school or classroom

You might be wondering how to record zoom meeting to improve your knowledge. The answer is simple: it can assist you in communicating with greater clarity and impact than writing words alone.

If you’re an educator, screen recording and video editing may benefit you since screen recording permits you to record classes that students can access at any time or location.

Other alternatives

Create your content to look into courses, or help people learn how to use a program with their computers.

Screen recordings are created for use as a marketing tool. You can also make sure to promote your videos free of charge on YouTube, for instance, in the form of presentations or advertising a product.


Screen recording is an excellent alternative for those developing courses online. However, it is prohibited to use this software to record other people’s classes and commercialize them. Thus, you should only create screencasts only if you intend to record the content you create.

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